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2.9: CBJ/SJS postgame -- Patrick Marleau



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Wed, 9 Feb 2011|

Marleau talks with Randy and Drew after netting the game-winning goal against Columbus.


Machine Generated Transcript

Nicer start here in the building but he had a game winning goal for the San Jose sharks' Patrick Marleau and Patrick first of all congratulations on the win this one was a little different than any other games on this road trip wasn't that. That was particularly if you want to think -- PK was infliction -- -- in the first period and got the stuff about the offense they got the two goals but that a guy is third on a after the first curtain Cleveland's second and third. So apparently tell you don't wanna give -- -- -- -- -- they're apparently not that's. Arrogant -- what you guys talked about between the first and second how we were we were winning our battles and he's. We were getting there are Portugal on merely remembered -- -- -- on the fore check in the -- pucks -- and when you don't do that putting -- and mostly in that in the earlier part of the seasons a lot of inconsistency for you. You guys you win one lose. Lose one win to lose to now that you've got to roll going do you feel like this is what was intended all along at the beginning of the year that you're playing at your capabilities or is there more yet. I think we've still ducks. -- get better thinker we can do better -- hockey teams what we have in the past but. You know what ticket particular -- -- -- points but we can only. And always get better and it's nice to see that and -- -- -- and the system mentally when games let's start or your goal on that -- prosecutor heck of a job behind the net. It went. I think it was on his needle session contesting still got hit a Stockton and the stuff -- above the goal line and a quick shot off. Comeback and -- you're below the goal line there because you're gonna support and then but then you've got to slide a little bit to be in the third for -- as -- don't. Definitely. Nor a boat with ping -- the ball up. The puck back and forth donor in. I get back at covenant I felt there's arguments -- knock on. Just an above the line and and opened -- he finally -- seems every night we sit here talking about on TE ME and it's been for all the right reasons during the stretch here where you've won five games on the -- out even before that once again one of those for. Performances that just must give you guys so much confidence knowing what kind of goaltending is going on behind you that he is for an outstanding right now. I don't think he's -- -- him -- not -- -- he's been you know they're getting -- -- and moved the puck. -- -- arguments we've been able Patrick Cote does cleanly but in doing -- and into keeps them on the silica you know it's. Can help us on so. Starting -- destruction during actually unbelievable on this road trip what's to keep moving forward do you guys. It take to answer the question I'm just asking where is it simply a matter of the one game at a time. Cliche. Yeah we can we can't get complacent technically still gonna start of the episode gonna attack teens and early on in times. And that Angola from and you know not not have these two intervals. And things like but in -- like which of the -- and and it's in there and and almost come back and singular game going -- patty thanks very much for this best of luck on Friday thanks Chris Patrick Marleau joining us. Here in Columbus Sharks getting contributions. -- again from throughout their lineup Marleau gets a clutch goal here it's been -- Couture who also got on the score sheet kept his streak going and there's a lot of balance in the attack and a lot of it's. So all play defensively not just me -- but the Blue Line group as a whole have done a pretty nice job during this run well we've seen it where. Let me the Blue Line and and nearly figuring each other. We talked about a lot how they collapse not a -- rebounds if there is an anti nearly. We talked -- -- has been absolutely spectacular what is interesting the meat is the the change in the team's. Attitude or there's there's your character I guess maybe would be does that work is that when they how it problem period. Earlier in the season opener crushed -- what you'll forget games over. Now they don't now it's a matter of fact okay we weren't very good. Let's get back to doing the things that we do right Eric Goldman hockey game and in the last five minutes of the last three games they have dominated teams.