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Thu, 18 Nov 2010|

Manusky on his defensive plan for the Buccaneers.


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I mean always -- at times. With Demetric. -- lady ball good luck. Don't kill it. Thanks -- Doing all right are you guys doing that. Again the -- battle. It's. Well I think a -- and you play in the National Football League again a little bit more of you know you know what the offense is doing your little bit comfortable and scheme and then what happens is. You know -- on your ability you know how to play certain players. And sometimes. -- a year away with stuff or you. You feel things you know lot of guys are more than most gifted -- you know -- a ball's -- -- have a better chance. Being desperate. Yeah like another 148. Yeah Rattay you know -- take care he's an older guy. -- practice doesn't get a lot of reps -- gets as many easy and and and now -- take care communal older guys like that you gotta make sure. During the week dead. You know they do their job in the training room getting nice step into an all that stuff but also out here in the field. You know he doesn't need as he has a thousand reps of tackle coming off on him as long as Kia gets a -- reps and prepares is like he always does. You know and -- good. In overtime. That I -- If you. Think that they do you. There. I mean always element times. With Demetric. Evans inside so look. You know which -- some snaps up -- you know it's. He's just -- he's a football player -- known since he's been that way since he's gotten here. You know exits and pretty big games throughout this year in in the past several over expect a lot of things from this week as well. -- I think Garrett keeps his eyes up to field he he feels the pressure and he he moves her real well in the pocket. I think he's got some talent young receivers. They have some ability. And media make yards after the catch so we gotta limit that and you know we get to the running backs behind them so that helps them as well. Yeah. Well. Well I think -- you know bigger frame guys. -- gets positive yards. That's what to type of player he is he has good vision he could see the cut knee. He makes some good cuts and in the hole and gets vertical wary of a sudden so look we gotta make sure that we stop them from doing that. I don't think damn much I think some of that adds based on who's in their run on the ball. But both -- are town has. They get positive yards. And a you know they got a -- quarterback. It is -- I don't watch the game so I don't even know I don't even know what he doesn't and they tell you truth all you do is when I hear the crowd screaming like Gardner -- scores touchdown her and did some good but. You know don't really watch Troy so I can -- you know more focused on with their don't he's a good town to quarterback young. You know he feels pressure and -- in the pot. And he gets rid of the ball quick you know all those agree attributes and he has a good touch -- to -- well. There. Well I think you it. -- calls are limited when you get third and two in turn three based upon what the offense is gonna do so you know we always stuck to the guys. -- in the room in regards to get him in third and long situations. That makes their job easier makes my job -- so. Up first and second -- a very important because it put Jeanette. A third down situation last week with Bradford I don't know where he was greeted but I think was high and third downs and you're pretty good job across the board with the DBs. And the defense of wind and pressure on so. You know we gonna continue with that couple times slipped out of it put -- for the most part I was pleased -- -- third downs last week. And well I think guerra across -- coming out of the pre season we're feeling good we -- all those we had four wins and then we hit a vets and bad luck and we didn't. Wouldn't perform we wanted. The team from their perspective but. You know I think yeah. -- last couple weeks going to London and coming back here in in doing those things a lot of adversity doing all that traveling and doing all that. And still coming through with 22 wins was great I mean the more you win. -- you. I'm getting better. Any place. Click here. And network actually. Like you. No comment. As a four. Player I understood their neighbors kind of put the -- -- with -- -- quarterback and doing those things mean it was a little bit of an uproar. From the defense side but. You know that's a position that's vital and any offense or any team. For that individually get banged upper hurt I mean chances for that team to go somewhere in the playoffs and doing things real bad. For that team so I understand that they got to protect them. I see. They're really don't want to go down this avenue but it you know it is what it is I mean you gotta tell the players -- -- you just gotta make sure you don't hit him in the head. Try to keep your face up and do the best you can. Has basically what I talent. I think Gary I think any got a gives later down in his career especially with TK and not being any player out. Out games of course. You know he he wants it. He spent a lot of time Tony's done an excellent football player in he deserves it you know a lot of guys do. You know there's a lot of guys have been in National Football League that are in the pro Hall of Fame whatever got a Super Bowl ring in aren't. Lot of those guys -- to you know -- got to work for and hopefully everybody has the same attitude and go out their performance Sunday in winning fashion.

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