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Sat, 3 Sep 2011|

Eric Heitmann and Ann Killion debate whether or not the Bears will win at least seven games.


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Take a look at this cal Bears team that. Well -- underperforming year last year Jeff Hanford. Has this team coming AT&T park to play their home games for the 2011 season and to put it 321 million dollars in the memorial. -- -- -- Have to win first what it's -- over under seven wins for cal over under on one right at them. Right I have sensing you're right there right there you're going over or under already -- -- the number that's about what they are is that good enough for Jeff tougher to keep his job. I think seven years I think if He had a season like last year then and I think that becomes the real question. Because of the facility that their living into because of you know he's the one who raised expectations. And now he's not meeting you know it's it's that same old story you know I'd be careful what you wish for because. Now he's not meeting them and there's a lot of people put a lot of money into that program. They have a schedule early was a presbyterian pregnancy presbyterian yes and that counts as one of the seventh actually academy a lot -- -- I'll tell if they don't get seven and that's going to be the tipping point. Seven wins over under for -- 520 year. I think they go over. The big year this year but Stanford for the whole team. So I'd I definitely think that they're gonna hit that mark they're gonna go for some wins. Tougher just to stay there are going and He seems to -- great how hard is it for these guys were especially seniors are playing there. Last year at AT&T park and didn't play in the place that they recruited. Is that harder does that excite you know I think it might just be road game every week for them consultants are gonna have to get up for I've never personally had experienced anything like that not get a chance to play in the stadium -- used to. But you know they've got to rise for the occasion this year I think they do it.

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