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Wed, 30 Jan 2013|

John Henry Smith and Joe Nedney reveal how Kaepernick's focus will be tested more than ever this week.


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Can't tell that they'll start he's gonna make it in the Super Bowl you take a look at the youngest quarterback to ever start Super Bowl and cap for next. Wow look at that look at that list right there on me cabernet is right there. It. He's gonna be 25 years in 25 years old in nineteen days going into the super also not. The youngest is certainly all among the youngest and it was mentioned in the press conference that Harbaugh said. Two weeks to prepare column for this moment is that really a good thing considering. If you. You know what this whole thing has been such a whirlwind but I'm sure her job and the one thing that he has done. Is he his his -- themselves focused in and you know we on the outside we. You talking and talking about all of the amazing things and he's done. The impact that he's had on the team and how nobody can really measure up or you can define this guy as a quarterback but. Inside his -- you know what he's he probably goes from home. To the practice facility and then back home again and probably keeps himself out of that that whole line it lets us do the talking. He that he does his job he's gonna have the entire offseason to. Revel in and the magnitude of what he's done this year but. He's doing a great job at keeping himself focused and not worried about it but you know even as I say that 25 year old kid and ready to make -- start. I'm sorry but it went when I leave my head down at midnight before I go to bed that kid's gotta have the biggest hit a smile on his face or just full of things article and I can't believe that I am doing something. You know three months ago I was a back open and trying to get my first shot now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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