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YSTL: Evans: Kendall Hunter a good fantasy plug-and-play in Week 8



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Fri, 25 Oct 2013|

Fantasy expert Brad Evans recommends putting Kendall Hunter and Eli Manning in your Week 8 lineup.


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I'm not far Max muscle fantasy update for this or bring in my own personal fantasy guy Brad evidence that a call you that first ball. Absolutely you calling that you want to put the don't know what you call me adults it doesn't matter. -- let's get to -- underrated players that you would put in your fantasy lineup. This weekend and we're talking quarterback's first and this guy's got a lot of momentum from 06 to now one in six. Yeah I get a huge number one in the right column for once -- -- man. He's been a fantasy Freddy -- resorts in the past several weeks hunting people's dreams especially his owner is a guy. But at any turnover machine. He's only had 1300 yard game his past five contests without 1300 yard game was against an opponent in week eight and that's the Philadelphia Eagles I'd like for 334. A couple of touchdowns three interceptions back in week five against the same club. Eagles an extremely generous secondary I think Eli towards the least. 290 yards maybe goes over 300 game gives -- two to three touchdowns I'm ranked as my number nine quarterback here any by heavy week eight. But let's talk running backs and you're gonna go with the guy that is coming off his worst statistical week of the season last week. He's a forty niner and you like to see him in the lineup this week explain that. Yeah that's -- hotter right it's all about the GT eight factor GT stands for garbage time -- All star that's not what I'm going to be. Because the niners are gonna be up by I don't know maybe a trillion point here in the second half across the pond there. Against the wall pulled Jacksonville Jaguars is extremely accommodating defense again nearly five yards per -- opposing running backs. I think Connor he's only had won -- that game gets his second twenty -- game of the season. And post numbers like he did against the St. Louis Rams a few weeks back right around fifty yards and a touchdown again. In these very days and weeks where a lot of people are desperate at running back -- a nice plug and play option especially these scores that touchdown NG TH time. You might be a good bloke to choose obviously that game in London the 49ers and jags -- right let's talk wide receiver and you're actually liking a number two receiver. For the four and three Detroit Lions. Yeah Chris -- quite. At least the fifth most targeted wide out in fantasy land over the last three weeks garnering 29 looks during that stretch. He's been a force in -- our -- a guy that's also caught at least five receptions. In three consecutive games was so much attention rolling that side of mega Tron Calvin Johnson and underneath weapons and Reggie Bush enjoyed Belichick have to account for the in this Lions pass first pass happy offense. I really think that Dallas Cowboys are gonna give Chris storm a lot of single coverage looks and he's got to take advantage of that. Expect to get upwards of 89 target to what should be a shoot out of there there engage swap. I'm guessing right around seven receptions 7585. Receiving yards. I think he's Blatche is six as well Chris Durham top 25 fantasy wideout here in week eight. All right Brad as we approach Steve basically halfway point of the NFL season won -- localize this and let's talk about the fantasy value both Bay Area quarterbacks weren't you see cap predict. And prior in terms of how their value by owners right now in fantasy football. Why do you look at critics are really interesting case particularly for this week because a lot of people look in the paper -- have been saying all I got to get -- gotten a lot of they are salivating like -- Saint Bernard had his prospects against the dreadful Jacksonville Jaguars. But the issue here is this I. I could see it happen again that he had a couple of weeks ago where isn't. The throw the ball much you know you get a couple of defensive. Turnovers maybe one of those deals were picked sixth off Chad Henne or maybe a fumble recovery that's taken to the house and all the sudden he becomes a blow a lot and you run the ball -- with Frank -- in the gap -- mentioned -- hotter. Anything about distinct possibility that you know cabinet that is it was something like seventeen to twenty attends. That's not exactly conducive for anything success sell. I've right right now outside my top twelve I'd rather start Eli Michael Vick a big band and on this week just because I don't think the workload is gonna be there now for -- -- -- This is a very intimidating matchup no defense allowed fewer fantasy points opposing quarterbacks the Pittsburgh Steelers gonna get to six point five yards per attempt. Only a couple wide receivers have -- 65 yard mark against Ike Taylor in the secondary. I'd love me some Terrelle Pryor he's one of my break out candidates pre season and Bob and I cannot justify recommending in this week based on the match up. I think it's got to be a struggle to try to find the end of the Oakland Raiders against this -- staunch Steelers defense.

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