Troy Smith

11.16: Troy Smith on Chronicle Live

Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

Here's a look at how the 49ers' hunt for a No. 3 quarterback has gone full circle since Jim Harbaugh became head coach in 2011.

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  1. 11.24: 49ers Press Conference -- Troy Smith

    know holy please this just in no debt. Whether it's a great game or bad game you won't get a different you know Troy Smith you your get the same person. You know statistics or whatever the case may career games. I don't buy into that I

  2. 11.8: 49ers Practice -- Troy Smith

    You had said before the break you never can totally get away from the game mean you're distracted Q has your currently do you look at just how many upsets are the teams are how do you think that affects his team going in the second half. I don't think it does I think that is less you know good

  3. 11.2: 49ers QB Troy Smith

    Pretty partner what are. Your. You know is never as good as you think it is and it's never as bad as you think it is offensively just always have to go back to which you know. Got to go back on board have an understanding that. Offensively. You continuously warned that there was going to be certain

  4. 11.10: 49ers Practice -- Troy Smith

    "You need to prepare yourself and put yourself into a game like situation."

  1. 49ers, Bethel-Thompson back where they started


    Thu, 10 Oct 2013

    select Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers added McLeod Bethel-Thompson to the initial 90-man roster of the Harbaugh regime. The 49ers wanted to add a veteran, but were not interested in either David Carr or Troy Smith from the 2010 roster.

  2. public and can't Alex you know he was that he was the director and all that. Well we also saw the other side of it Troy Smith come start one game and declare in the winning locker room this is my team you know so that's kind of taken it a little

  3. the new rules point here. But that that that guy that you know that that guys out there and our Miller Brian Brohm and Troy Smith we know he's coming back. Guys like that Mark Bolger and there's lots of my What free agent quarterbacks that

  4. One of only two guys. Who don't have a team for the 2001 season Jim Harbaugh can even talked about the other being Troy Smith who I've asked Jim Harbaugh about and what does he say no comment on Troy. Yeah I don't think it's his kind of

  5. You know through the course of the game obviously. You you wanna win. Your competitive nature is definitely And you know obviously. The passion that closely yesterday in the past and I have pretty game. Combined these you know. I'm iris is sort of lead to. situations like Jones. You know

  6. Alex Smith that he felt like he got a fair shot at being the starter he didn't meaning he wasn't the starter was Troy Smith . That was Mike Singletary decision and that's been the biggest thing in the days. Question about that had coaches

  7. 12.24: Maiocco's Matchups to watch


    Fri, 24 Dec 2010

    s going to be the 49ers starting quarterback Mike Singletary go with Alex Smith political choice well he's gonna go Troy Smith but Alan Smith. Better be However it doesn't matter who the accepted quarterback if they can't protect him and that

  8. we're not going anywhere anyway where where do you fit on that army in assists and. Just how works out on the big Troy Smith and so you know I've I've and and college and I hope he can pull together for those guys and you know and fought

  9. You know for any player to be able to. Play any game in this magnitude have a chance to showcase. Yeah you know be a part of something special He's can be pretty pretty big ball. You know throughout my preparation. row. All the quarter or preparation we really each other. You know poor poor advice.

  10. With only two games remaining Matt and Mindi discuss who will take the snaps for the 49ers on Sunday.

  11. 12.14: Q&A with Vernon Davis


    Tue, 14 Dec 2010

    And you know it takes time you know go from givens Troy Smith and learn how Heathrow you have to learn my speed and ..... whole way ended made the niners don't like to roll Troy Smith . Out of the pocket ended that that forces him only have

  12. with a with a good Tampa Bay rookie but getting go to training camp with all It's amazing to me that. Not necessarily Troy Smith because that's tough for quarterback but the thing with apparent from the 49ers well as we can't Brian Westbrook

  13. adjustments he wanted to do it because. Troy Smith doesn't have that knowledge of ..... and put Alex Smith and then with Troy Smith . I mean good things have been any ..... pulled the trigger. And then you have Troy Smith where if the defender is back parent

  14. There's certain things you can't control there's certain things that you can't control. You know as a man and another quarterback. I understand that decisions have to be made up for the betterment of the team and you know as an American do about it but I continue preparing. He Lucas yeah. It's this

  15. quarterback. And now with the forty that absolutely need to win and he's going back to Alex Smith the read this simple Troy Smith had to dean. this didn't know what to prepare for now that he could have caught on and they did it became play forehand

  16. There's not a team Narnia can. You don't have passes from Any part of that field. You know they they obviously feels strongly about you know playing him in certain situations and the athletes to do it. We just have to execute it well. Right. Odd to stage of I don't know but to me as a quarterback

  17. he's a quiet leader he is guided sort of exudes professionalism. I'm not sure. Bet that's a big thing I think Troy Smith has made a lot of strides as a leader. Since taking over I think Ernie Davis. Is a leader. I just think it's more

  18. It's always been underlined that they violence that is. Just then had a chance to know put it all out there and shoot together by. We've been mixing it up in the eight. Obviously what Brian Westbrook. Bring city game or. Anthony Dixon brings again assume that we can definitely take advantage. You

  19. 11.29: SF/AZ Postgame -- Troy Smith


    Tue, 30 Nov 2010

    record brought. And jokingly yeah. You know words can't explain you know are really feel about. What he alters that line you. You know we. We are a couple of guys are basically two line. You know everybody stayed the course and stepped you know Rose to the occasion and where are unquestioned leader

  20. 11.22: 49ers Practice -- Troy Smith


    Mon, 22 Nov 2010

    Otis and compromised situation but I'm sure every defense you know sets out to do just that's their offense isn't. You know try to make him do something out of their element. Can't you know give Tampa enough credit you know me and came out and do what they need to do to get to win so what did they