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10.8: Matt Maiocco from 49ers Practice



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Fri, 8 Oct 2010|

In Santa Clara, 49ers Insider Matt Maiocco has all the storylines as the 49ers prepare to host the Eagles Sunday.


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A couple better -- should return to -- -- sisco 49ers on Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles head against the number three receiver when the season started has been out with a knee injury he should be back Sunday night and you'll probably be returning punts. Because it looks like Kyle Williams with a sprained finger won't be able to handle those chores he hasn't practiced last couple days. Also William James. Quarterback who was injured in the corners very first exhibition game should be back on the field and he might -- significant action in the 49ers -- personnel groups. Eric Heitmann. The sinner who broke his debut during early practices and training camp. Is available for action but David -- done such a good job is not likely that Heitmann or get a starting job back. Any time soon so that means that Heitmann whenever he's ready might start working in a little bit of guard. Just to be -- back up in those roles now Delanie Walker is out of action with a high ankle sprain. That's surprisingly good opened the door for Brian Westbrook of course -- play the same positions but might just in the office coordinator will try to find different personnel groups to compensate for those twenty snaps a game that Delanie Walker usually gets. That could swing the door wide open for Brian Westbrook to make his first significant impact with the 49ers and it would come Sunday night against his former team. From Santa Clara I met -- -- golf Perseus in the area dot com and be sure to get on the web. Sunday at 4:30 PM when -- open up my pregame chat.

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