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12.29: Raiders practice -- Sebastian Janikowski



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  3. Kansas City Chiefs1:41
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers3:27
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Wed, 16 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

I'm Scott bay -- Raiders insider for CSN California and this is your Raiders three and out. Topic number one deals with kicker Sebastian Janikowski who surprisingly out of -- over the first six games of this season. That's a real shocker because this guy is as automatic as anybody in the entire NFL. He's converted 80% of his career field goal attempts and 75 of those have come beyond fifty yards so just to see him miss any kicks at all is really strange now. Sometimes even the best guy misses while wide right and misses wide left but this is the strongest leg in the NFL on Sunday. He -- short even from 51 yards and that's just a cause for concern. So -- talk special teams coach Bobby April what he had to say about seeing that's -- that. Sometimes it's not so much physical as it is mental and that he's making his judgments he's over analyzing this situation. So much of the talk about -- -- see that hasn't been playing well comes from the holding of Marquette king but sometimes Sebastien is. Over analyzing the wind and he's trying to note directed. Did too much when he should just concentrate on using our kicking straight let his physical ability take care -- things so it's more upstairs but Bobby April said he's. Absolutely confident that he's gonna go on a hot streak here and end up at the same conversion rate that he always -- Quarterback Terrelle Pryor planned on visiting Revere private quarterbacks coach Tom house during this bye week. To further refined mechanics and get even more consistent with his throwing motion but that idea has been scrapped because -- told me. On Wednesday that he planned on doing that based upon him beating Kansas City Chiefs and him taking a couple days away from this facility away from this coaching staff. -- -- get away but also to get better but he's got those plans because they lost and he feels like he needs to spend more time with offensive coordinator Greg Olsen. Now while most players are gonna get out of town during the bye week. Clear their head and get away from it prior and Olsen are gonna stay here in Alameda hunkered down and continue to get better by watching tape. Analyzing his throwing motion but more importantly. Analyzing his decision making because Terrelle Pryor told me earlier in the week that. The most frustrating thing was not the three picks obviously that was a big deal but there's a bigger theme here. It's that he was a little upset at the fact that he was frazzled by the -- reds stadium crowd that. The crowd got to him he talked about how the ground was shaking and how his visor was actually moving because the crowd was so loud. But this -- played at Ohio State and Michigan and Wisconsin and big time environments where he didn't get psyched out and towards the end of that second half. He feels like he lost it for his team because he couldn't stay composed he's hoping that over the course of this week. He can regain that confidence make smarter decisions and have a good second half of the season. There is a mass exodus out of Raiders headquarters on Wednesday afternoon as players left where there. NFL mandated four days off as part of their bye week -- most guys are gonna get out of town they're gonna clear football from their heads and some of them. Are even going to go on a short vacation or at least to visit family in other parts of the country. There is one clear message that Dennis Allen said and it was expressed the free safety Charles Woodson. And at this half -- have a good time guys but I don't wanna see your name in the headlines especially a big negative one note do you lies. Know get in trouble just play it safe be Smart and come back ready to go against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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