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Jim Kozimor & Melanie Collins: 'What's Trending?'



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Mon, 10 Jun 2013|

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Unless she's unavailable working over my shoulder as if she's big sister is Melanie Collins she is part of my daily haven't what's trending up. Melanie what's open with this. It is a fabulous birthday free young little kitten is that I could. And if the fact look at this kid up and went -- for his birthday I have to say. Although she is now legal drinking age in many of the her online dancing in bikinis are still very much. Oh rebounds are they illegal can you and Denny Duquette that big a I just have to catch that if I don't make it a bit better I don't let him get a -- that are you sure I have an insurance -- -- That's an old video can't say oh my goodness gracious what are we the Phillies won the Amish over here Yahoo! Sports -- level today but let's move along and then -- when I go to court Melanie and it happens too often. I feel -- authorities what is Chad Johnson did. He got the opposition even sentenced the thirty days in jail for violating his probation after the domestic violence blocked it with Atlanta but at -- -- how -- the Giants went about two except the plea deal that would have awarded him no jail time. And Chad Johnson goes and collapse is attorney under your friends and the whole courtroom erupted in laughter. And the judgment not having -- -- talk about the paper and they Koppen and knocked him out. Don't -- think that the judge you're as a panties in a lot on this one that I got. I'm still we win and in sports you give them a nice slap on the -- him along -- -- I'm done with the. I got a -- -- a little outside but it's the same time like come on Chad you're six time pro bowler. You're not playing good here and take on the field like did you really need to do that. He did need to do that I personally do that to me and Melanie you know I'm -- violent sport yes but my true love is musical Broadway musicals with Tiger -- -- last night. I watch them -- in the coastal shelf. At the one my true love it's Neil Patrick Harris that might have been sold a show with him but I don't know much much better Neil Patrick Harris could offer. Mike Tyson can't commit to or lack there -- but this whole thing the main thing you watch them. Yes are you know you watch it I got -- on -- my computer at. And I -- it's like my Rocky horror I'm actually trying to reduce the moves of Mike Tyson and this they are beautiful beautiful performance that. I liar and I -- I can make fun of them who's gonna make fun of them. Nobody's gonna make fun of Maine's no command all right let's get back to sports NBA finals going on and you know in the eighties -- -- -- pretty in pink. Someone was fourth in the paint get the NBA finals I'm not so sure it was pretty. But what. So it was -- fame tight end Shannon Sharpe and he showed up the game through the NBA finals looking at Miami as he possibly could have. It was because Craig -- wasn't in the house didn't show up pretty ugly -- I mean look -- Easter -- -- -- -- and it was terrible thing you know that's a good line though the outlook he. You looked yeah that was a good look -- I don't know. I could ever have -- And the bullets to come across in the -- -- but maybe I would love you don't win three super boring -- didn't do it every once you got that right million dollars that's right your part of our daily haven't so what's truly. Every day I'll see you tomorrow all right. Founded and how they let you know thanks now we appreciate it.

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