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8.26: Shaun Hill Injury Update



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Wed, 19 Jun 2013|

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-- view run out of adjectives to describe your center fielder. Our kids -- me. He made it through nine I think -- -- a chance. Agree thorough and a savior in Portland and imports. You had before he. Come up and revenge on our course. Well on defense and it's good to be Houston. Lee's stellar players can run throw and and something we need right now we're going now and so it was nice officially come up here and be so Shaun Hill and he's been force. -- Guys that I think is going -- -- better to use we've got a good I have played in. It's great jumps on a ball in you know he's a good athlete. -- information about Crawford. Crawford. Bruised two of his fingers. And Jim -- pretty good on that slide in the second. First and second finger in there and and there are swollen. So it looks like he's on me today. We're optimistic that he'll be okay go on Thursday. Mostly on store in the -- You know you try to keep playing with -- but it it was good -- its arms thrown and he's been -- good grip on the ball. It's nice somebody go they're like noon and then he came through the -- course. Did you notice -- who's whose moms. Trot between home for Oklahoma. We caught -- You know we walk -- -- and -- and -- made a mistake him it's these are things we've got to hopefully stay away from its. And tied the game. The types of game that we play. And -- a couple tough ones on the road so. No -- we need to get a little better there now. He's made a mistake but I I don't. You know or what they're doing over there. -- was pretty vocal ability Taylor bogeys today he was fun thus are going to be you know also. Got married it was very good. Through ball great he was really. Spots and they made some mistakes on the break the ball only to prevent evident. Separates them angry through. -- was to run there. You're making a few mistakes as the game went. 67 -- idea. He threw well. You know he gives what we needed because we were you know it was short bullpen and so. He goes to -- That's what we're open tonight. Felt that three hits tonight he looked really comfortable as he's been making some adjustment time. Hello Brendan. Perhaps it is as the season goes these sentences to get better. Confidence was dialed it out too long ago but he looks good up and down he wrote us. We need some area. Do something there -- especially when. Yeah yeah one run lead we need to do loses that's a great comeback and he. He do porch with a with a double. It's nice unemployment because when your banged up the way -- we are open the other guys pick it up and he did tonight. Who should we didn't have -- on the roster when you've been able to pinch run for -- -- I probably would. You know. Because I would. Victor hit your spot. So brilliant changed that beyond us because victories the game so I'm still down two pitchers. Orchard down Raanan you know. -- -- improbable run form and he kind of ball. With -- Sort of figure when he came up here use as your short time and -- and backs him when he's played. But. -- wolf. Across Everett where we get to. You have to like some things he is doing. He's definitely as I said earlier it's. So on the ballclub and he's doing all he can stay here mostly that and a it was integrated ago program took the decision made. It's not something -- think about Albert home where we will hear once we Rhode Island. I talked to -- scooter earlier and he said that he was actually looking like the fact that it could be I'm sorry mr. Owens. I talked to scooter -- earlier today and he that he was most concerned about at PG being sore the next day have you had a chance to talk to him and. Are not and he's right what to evaluate him every day and see you know he's doing. But he did mention against order in the game. Tomorrow it may be. Which would. Related tightness up a little bit of flowers. You know players available. My guess is he he's -- preview the he would -- so there again. It was a -- -- -- -- from the right on the basis for -- times and drove. Where you go find so all's well as far as who's. Progress of rule. This shouldn't be here tomorrow one who started newsreader.

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