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11.8: TEN/SF Postgame- Shawntae Spencer


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Wed, 19 Sep 2012|

Dennis Allen keys in on what has plagued the Raiders in their first two games.


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Well most of its couple you know I mean we got -- we got to have guys on guys -- and it will pressure on. Then in making maybe have the old ball four is ready to it. All you know they execute very well on third down situations. And so we're we're gonna have to have a good plan for which -- on third down. -- Well offensively. You know we got to get a lot more or manageable situation so we got to be better on first second down. To get in those manageable third down situations. And that is just related in its execution. Defensively. Again you know. We've gotten we've got people for their receivers. And we got effect or. It's just for the fewest runs on first down. Literally so far this year -- -- -- third and manageable how -- -- president getting through it may be ready for a first down vs. Well that's that that sometimes that can be a part of it. You know we've we've got to play the game the waiting game dictates. And you know we we had some. Some play action shots that had a chance last week and so. But yet we do have to get more manageable third down situations. Any help. Comfortable or uncomfortable are you -- your -- right now. -- starters are out. You said the signing. Well -- listen it is what it is and so our deal is we've got NFL football players we got to go out and play at a certain level and and we hold all our guys accountable saying well. It. He'll probably take some pressure this week. -- Do you have criticism. And that's that's the biggest thing he got to go run play out there on the edge and certainly knew that. -- -- -- -- You know you know that really one of consideration. When. The first games. -- Start in Pittsburgh so. It is. How different -- that deserves to. Try to be persistent and. He's done that stop the -- to run the ball boy so yeah well I mean we gotta we gotta be able to to stay with it. You know when we still got to be able to run the ball. But we're gonna do. Whatever the game dictates that we have to do that dictates running the ball fifty times that's what we'll do. If it dictates throwing the ball that's what we'll do mean each game plan's going to be differently each -- as they go. But I got all the confidence in the world and our running game Seymour. It's been successful in this league. We get the right personnel get it done out there and confidence. I think there and confidence levels fine -- think he's concerned with it. Mean obviously it was and we don't want there and run for a hundred yards in every game but it's reality says it's not gonna happen. So. He'll he'll. At the end of the year that's what we need to judge see where we're at how well and football. Owners. -- Well I think the biggest thing is just having consistency in the right. Because if you have consistency in the running game that's where you get the big place. And we've got to be more consistent. He's got a growing he obviously didn't practice today. He like Shawntae Spencer we're gonna evaluate where we're headed into the week and my decision and we.

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