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1.26: Senior Bowl Practice -- 1 on 1 with Stanford DT Sione Fua



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Wed, 26 Jan 2011|

Matt Maiocco catches up with Sione Fua, who says Vic Fangio's defense at Stanford has prepared him well for the NFL.


Machine Generated Transcript

So much is the -- that helped him horrible. He -- players ready yeah but what about that. Boy you know fans -- from Minnesota. With you know -- -- the Houston Texans on because a lot of experts are. Know whose whose defense is -- -- out defense. So you know from -- tone from that sort of episode and I know a lot of Pittsburgh's schemes -- -- power and a vote proposal that was in place of no part of what part of it again as it is this week practices here please. Having already working that -- we're definitely going to be. -- defensive schemes and routes and partnered nobody really -- small things -- protect. Hearted -- some of those opportunities. You know he's an excellent coaches were expected humor our fingers over Bernard. -- -- blues record he can play tackle. 34430. Yeah they're risking anything that -- style that. Probably for me you know and he practices and -- as long as. That's record so I'm aggressive on certain tournaments. And I think there's much to be the most productive over the -- most houses we practice or. Get your life would you how you didn't. He didn't distract us. You know our ended -- talking of equipment Crawford news. So for me to come in here please see those photographs. Of those shows and -- just as good as his orgasm. Really shows toasters there's zero -- -- required. Registered voters were hooked from Russell or so ago. Justify my best foot forward and besides that you sort of an excellent. And it. Yeah definitely federal -- -- -- -- on -- weren't you know top to bottom -- Garza's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And as a defense aquarium. Better technique working harder because --