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6.10: Michael Lewis is surprised to hear Colorado has joined the Pac-10

Fri, 8 Mar 2013|

NEW ORLEANS (AP) A knowing grin spread across Sean Tuohy's face as he considered the uncanny connections between the hit film that changed his family's life and the fact that Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Michael Oher will play in his first Super Bowl in the Big Easy. New Orleans is where ...

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  1. 8.17: 49ers Training Camp- Michael Lewis , RAW

    Michael Lewis talks about the addition of Brian Westbrook.

  2. 9.25: 'Moneyball' movie brings back magic of A's 2002

    only ever played catch it. Not that our guys don't wash its incredibly. Bestselling author and they area resident Michael lewis ' novel chronicles the every move. the wrist and the program programming note confidence. Do you guys talk in the

  3. 10.1: ATL/SF - Mike Singetary, RAW

    All I know is that he [ Michael Lewis } is not here for personal reasons.

  4. 12.12: Raiders practice -- Louis Murphy

    only anatomy of this you know. It's very day. Seems that between games or more comfortable for me. Since you. Michael Lewis the old. You know to which he did. Feel good enough to review it. I don't think these cars. You know it's time

  1. 'Blind Side' family relishes Big Easy Super Bowl


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    life and the fact that Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Michael Oher will play in his first Super Bowl in the Big Easy. New Orleans is where Tuohy grew up and went to high school with author Michael Lewis , who wrote ``The Blind Side.''

  2. country if you. Tried to front. But first got taken with the book. Michael Lewis 's money ball to winning an unfair game and it was that that second ..... how little it knew don't know about baseball good good. Yeah. Michael Lewis you know.

  3. Meant. And off counting. Because in couldn't tell which outpost in 45. What six Michael Lewis had forty stop and pump while he's 5%. Could figure out slides past the Diamondbacks. I had no idea I've been you know blessed

  4. 11.8: 49ers Practice -- Takeo Spikes


    Mon, 8 Nov 2010

    Louis. So Saint Louis on divided attention. To us first and foremost more than anything. You know they picked up Michael Lewis how much like get their hands and you managed aside does have a Michael Robinson just over with Seattle the first game

  5. We haven't decided daughter after Cliff Lee. But it's a possibility that stage he gave it possible that world. Michael Lewis and didn't dusty did but we haven't talked about that. So but those 30 definitely going to be the first three

  6. the opponent definitely. Do well. Loopy literally took center this. You didn't talk to your other. Former and Michael Lewis back in here how much talking and we'll get on Monday. I don't know that it can no definite. Mean in my came

  7. would more varied roles at least this past again yesterday. Yeah and as this past week. Especially when echo what Michael Lewis . The next person up so. To be able to play on the nickel we'll talk with the nickel solo home makes more we had

  8. Resolution's good Michael lewis ' situation. Problem. I think that's something that we're gonna. Have to come to an agreement on pretty soon. In terms

  9. chaotic week you're talking. You know offensive coordinator change that on defense documentary veteran defender Michael Lewis . Who did not show up and he's pretty much off the team's task released. But the 49ers played very well Taylor

  10. 10.1: ATL/SF - Reggie Smith, RAW


    Fri, 1 Oct 2010

    There's elements they announced that Los Angeles incidence pretty little mean it was the wrong thing. In those five hours of snaps what was it like without being told he stepped in there a couple. Field in that role. It just the right things that I'm like one of the good guys every day no. Trade

  11. 10.1: ATL/SF - Taylor Mays, RAW


    Fri, 1 Oct 2010

    And it. But as far as you can you feel how do you feel like your readiness to this definitely. Believe it was nothing different Putin's. Didn't and it's. I'm sad situation. I don't know if there. It's. to you know very playing only special teams return of the boats and from the players. it's.

  12. 9.27: Q&A with 49ers LB Takeo Spikes


    Tue, 28 Sep 2010

    the football field. Are looking ahead to Atlanta now Jason for from the NFL network is reported today that you and Michael Lewis the two most senior members of his defense there. Gonna lose playing time or even be benched I think is that turned

  13. season that toward the end of the season there were some forty issues with the speed in the secondary. like I like Michael Lewis who actually probably play pretty well today. But last year at a guy like Roman was back there. Well the 49ers really

  14. 9.16: Takeo Spikes on Chronicle Live


    Fri, 17 Sep 2010

    responsibility. And in the big is over the top you go Michael Lewis over the top so. To be honest which it. Have to just ..... perfect time he would hung the ball look a little bit more Michael Lewis would have been a fourth knocked sacks or interceptions

  15. show on golds and it's usually Michael Lewis we've Reggie Smith a bit in ..... both guys struggled on Saturday Michael Lewis and it was targeted by the Raiders ..... safeties. They're getting need. Michael Lewis to play better and a guy like

  16. kind of quiet and I think sometimes. Guys did a little older and kind of stepped into it. the look at Mark Roman and Michael Lewis though that it sometimes is hard the guys who really. Even so so. Getting some playing time that the Canada. consciously

  17. immediately thought that's it for Michael Lewis with a concussion problems this is the next Michael Lewis see that flushing out. Before ..... charge. I think they have to keep Michael Lewis around. And ensor worked Taylor

  18. position group battles on the forty niners is that safety Michael Lewis is a veteran and he's been introduced as a starter ..... practice today and good things could be in store for him. Michael Lewis says he's not threats and he knows a thing with the

  19. ninth overall selection that's going to be tough for and to get on the playing field as a rookie. Because yeah that Michael Lewis yet he shot goals the other two guys back into the foreigners really trust like. But Taylor made such an incredible

  20. 5.18: Matt Maiocco on the 49ers OTAs


    Tue, 18 May 2010

    safety strong safety competing with Michael Lewis didn't use him as the deep center ..... line of scrimmage like they use Michael Lewis A lot of that will depend on where ..... the shot if he's playing for Michael Lewis right now I think gold and Lewis