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11.22: CIN/OAK Postgame- Stanford Routt



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Sun, 28 Oct 2012|

Paul Gutierrez and Kate Longworth talk about the success of the Raiders' defense in Week 8, as well as the momentum created from winning on the road in the AFC West.


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Out red Raiders fans coming -- on CSN California it's got I'm Kate omelet with your Raiders insider content areas that. The Raiders did something pretty great at Arrowhead Stadium today they went out there and they got the W -- it's division. What's normally a hot style crowd and and they are also able to string together back to back -- -- -- at it their first agreeing on the road. So it seemed like the silver and black building the momentum up there what you see from this game. Especially to I think how they came out you really need is their home state team that. Yeah and not only that it's been their home stadium I guess it's it for six straight years they haven't lost here in six years. So when they feel very comfortable here in and aside from the very first play of the game when Carson Palmer. Targeted staff around -- that interception -- the Raiders pretty much owned it they that was one -- Chiefs won but the Raiders definitely won the war and and I'm going forward they they did a lot of good things on both sides of the ball on special teams as well as the best genachowski. Even though he misses a field goal there's a penalty on the Chiefs he's able to go back out there and make it -- for four on the day and this is it is his favorite stadium in which to kick in the NFL so. Is something to be said about that -- gotten a lot of good positive momentum going forward but. As Tommy Kelly said in the locker. You know this win means absolutely nothing if they go out there and lose to Tampa next week. -- -- he does them I'm going to think one thing they did guard well against is the fact that that she's got an extra week to prepare. But the Raiders shut him out when they were kind of taken by surprise by Jacksonville last week. But then let's talk about a guy -- been by Indians and the Raiders have struggled with the reds on offense but in areas more third straight game with a touchdown we haven't seen that since 2000 -- that Miller. And we both just talk of cars and -- -- -- that was special player -- is and it seems like he's still tiny -- got that tightening to do so what do you think that it's badly that -- this past. Yeah I definitely means a little more electric electrifying young receivers in -- -- in Carson himself that. He is having a lot of the defenders in the NFL really know about him -- know his skills that yet. Staff around definitely do it because when. -- that is coming out party training camp last year Stanford Routt was often the victim of that -- beside a few times out there today -- they went right after Stanford -- and for reason. You know and and aside from that first interception of the game it pretty much either way with -- so. In areas more he lined up and -- feel a lot more than I thought he would I thought they'd have him it's going exclusively against them around but. Darrius Heyward-Bey had a system catches and -- so. Yeah familiarity breeds contempt sometimes but it also breeds a winning formula. Yes -- are able to exploit out out there and now let's just talk about. The defense -- around no longer part of this traders see today they seem to be doing just about OK out there I think that was probably one of the biggest adjustments maybe. The Raiders made their bye week it seems that we've seen. A different defense the last three weeks a lot of McClain stepping up not always appeared on the stat sheets -- as and a lot takeaways what did you take it would be -- I think you saw a lot of what we had been seen at previous couple games after the bye where the defense seems faster it seems more energetic they're flying around the ball and and that's not a big shot Rolando McClain because he's not on the field for that and their nickel defense when you have. Young energetic guy out there like miles Burris and an older energetic guy out there like Philip Wheeler and it definitely helps and then. Rolando McClain in my estimation is also kind of benefiting from this because he's not as gassed when he's in the just when he's on the field some of the makes more plays he Sunday's first quarterbacks -- of the year today. You also saw him for his first fumble of his career. So those are things that are in make coaching coaching staff so their -- say okay now we have to. We have to legitimately target this guy know where he is at an all time. All right -- -- all the -- your Raiders insider he'll be coming at you all week on -- -- -- -- -- dot com I was you -- sports net central wrapping it up from Arrowhead Stadium and like Tommy -- that. That they don't get the next Evian. It doesn't mean anything so we'll see what plays out this week.

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