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Baldwin excited to work with Kaepernick



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Tue, 20 Aug 2013|

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-- is a great quarterback knows stresses out whether you -- ball downfield and you've. You have some zip on his passes you know so those things definitely -- he's he's very he's a very Smart quarterback you know so those things definitely you know it doesn't do. Because those. Yeah bit and they are coming fast yeah. What how would you describe and I know he's just advancements that it. Did -- know it's just our athleticism. Before the game -- Watson -- you know warm ups. You know house and I think that was a pretty good ball. I was talking to some other receivers about an arts and I mean on when I was in Kansas City. And they're -- you do you do -- pretty good ball you know and then. Stooges they're on here you know so this is is kind of funny how things work out but it's a blessing in disguise them on the reports this great opportunity to be here. There's quite a -- My receivers now I'm serves returns from England two weeks ago different pressures that -- you can't answer. You know you can't. -- you can't play a numbers game you can't really think the ball on the receivers. On the team has been fired there because. Once you get you don't hit it -- it does have it doesn't matter -- Escobar. -- period of Roger in your. You are involved so. Only thing you can do is when you're called upon to go in and just go in and executed their suitability. Little more -- his office looking into it didn't necessarily have before. Oh well let us -- all of us are studying -- of last night you know listen -- some carry over from. Where just came from. You know so that hosts a little bit to give me a little bit better start on in -- so far behind and not having OTAs and minicamp events like that and majority of training camp was there fast so. Just got to keep Garnett you know if you land and just do whatever -- -- -- do you can tell you they tell me do it is going to be ready for whatever that may be. -- -- Don't send it the other player that didn't go your way -- the bingo game the good things that you talk to him. Sounds like you you're -- has -- You know. You know off. Below 1000 KC -- -- Steve Breaston was there you know he always talked and -- you know. How Smart he wasn't he's. There are some things from them knowing. So -- this no now me here. I could do reduce same thing and learn -- from a player's bedroom the unit except for years and years to do it curriculum -- New England. -- and I mean you know talk to him for a little bit you know we had a meeting you know so. We have another meeting and it didn't talk courtroom that I'm going to talk to on the are meaningless so. Is that if you cut caught a part of yes. Well there's two of them had that that you. There it from an assignment -- yeah it was that one minute. -- was to -- it was good it was good you know. Aggressive it was funny because on a scene where we. We played each other you know and -- -- so it was kind of funny book look forward to.

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