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12.28: Matt and Mindi -- Securing the bye

Sat, 27 Jul 2013|

Juan Castillo has been a visible coaching presence in camp, while Steve Spagnuolo has been a sounding board for John Harbaugh in the opening days of training camp.

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  1. 12.28: 49ers Central extra

    they lose this game. And if the Colts win. Word is there gonna try to clean house bankrupt he could probably human Steve Spagnuolo Atlanta players gonna change. Jon Gruden his name being mentioned were he would like to get Andrew Luck despite Sam

  2. 12.1: 49ers practice -- Greg Roman

    Seattle defense. They probably still medically. diverse as anybody in the NFL that's no surprise you know coach Steve Spagnuolo . In an innovator on the defense side of the ball. For awhile now with the Giants with the Eagles with Jim Johnson

  3. Football Fix: Picks 9-16 of our NFL Mock Draft. Who'll be the difference maker in these 8 pick?

    sub packages Saint Louis fell one game short of winning the NFC west qualified for playoffs last year there close Steve Spagnuolo he's got a moving in the right direction. you like in the first round for the Rams last I think if the. Rams see

  4. 11.11: 49ers Lunch with Matt and Mindi

    of what kind of debate yeah. I think more than just individual matchups of those incidents. The yeah. It is yeah Steve Spagnuolo he's very good teams coordinator that's right into the plans. He's going to be having active and bottles and

  1. Castillo, Spagnuolo , make coaching presence felt


    Sat, 27 Jul 2013

    Juan Castillo has been a visible coaching presence in camp, while Steve Spagnuolo has been a sounding board for John Harbaugh

  2. Steve Spagnuolo relishes new job with Ravens


    Sun, 16 Jun 2013

    After troubles with Rams and Saints, Steve Spagnuolo is happy to be on Ravens staff and looking to help Baltimore to another Super Bowl title.

  3. Spagnuolo , Castillo add strengths to Ravens staff


    Thu, 30 May 2013

    Both Steve Spagnuolo and Juan Castillo will bring a very particular set of skills to the Ravens' coaching staff. CSN Insider Clifton Brown explores their areas of expertise.

  4. Spagnuolo will help on defensive side


    Sun, 5 May 2013

    One of the quiet moves the Ravens made the week of their first rookie mini-camp is something the team hopes will pay off in a big way -- especially when it comes to defense.

  5. Ravens hire Steve Spagnuolo as defensive asst.


    Fri, 3 May 2013

    In a move announced Friday, the Ravens brought an NFL coaching veteran onto their staff as a senior defensive assistant.

  6. NFL Notes: Ravens hire Spagnuolo as assistant


    Fri, 3 May 2013

    The Baltimore Ravens hired former Saints defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo as a senior defensive assistant on Friday.

  7. paper to and the now. a little Lindy is Mike Riley gets that steal or more across the pirates' lead is down just three. Abu Spagnuolo was not on the right on the drink at and the is back to a baker Wells Fargo Bank it's been doing and it's five point

  8. crazies it suits over the Robertson and defenses. That they use it. You know he incorporated some. Great Williams. Style of defense but this is this is. Much like the Saint Louis defense that we saw. Twice last. Spagnuolo defense.

  9. look at with the Rams have done. Defensively they've really improved their run defense and a lot of that has to do Steve Spagnuolo going I think getting Fred Robbins. He's not a real flashy guy he's let your 325. Pounder is very getting clogging

  10. time and we have to develop has coached before we can presumed short game and let him execute those things. Well there's. Spagnuolo is one of the the best defense coordinators in the business and he's not gonna allow you to shoot to So he's gonna bring

  11. 11.10: 49ers Practice -- Reggie Smith


    Wed, 10 Nov 2010

    only he knows any kind of them come and kind of cold but not really that you gotta be ready to hit it in the conference. Spagnuolo was talking about Bradford who has. Little bit surprised with how the command that which he don't win I don't and things

  12. the left tackle. But little went right tackle when the red New territory without replay no stood. What if you'll assume Spagnuolo might them up front him and Evans somehow wanna lose. Player play the zero take right over the over the head of the senate

  13. MacArthur again another a good for him Billups still wins 4933. Plus twelve kills plain lost goggles first quarter forward Jeff Spagnuolo catch the lob converts the lay up later in the first. Lost all those Johnson gets the glory fluff ball close trailed by three

  14. better. And I think that's probably the most important thing. Know this team plays hard I think. The new staff. Of course Spagnuolo is doing a fine job in the end. You know he's he's trying to the plays at the playmaker that it happens and I I think