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Will Patriots' weapons cost Willis playing time?

Sun, 27 Oct 2013|

Aaron Rodgers was nearly perfect and Eddie Lacy ran for 94 yards and a score as the Packers routed the Vikings on Sunday Night Football, moving their record to 5-2 after their fourth straight win.

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  1. Interviewing the interviewer -- Tafoya's Candlestick memories

    America Candlestick Park before the 49ers Texans game with Michelle to play at the sideline reporter for NBC's Sunday Night Football . And we showed you were with the 49ers a week to begin this week any changes you see in the team. From that

  2. Jerry Rice worried about 49ers; Tim Brown talks Terrelle Pryor

    49ers coming off two wins and an impressive win Sunday Night Football against the Texans. Ought to 49ers a team we thought they work hard they two bad teams. Yeah I think the niners are struggling

  3. Bowman: 'It's been labeled as a rivalry for a reason'

    you'll the most watched in America last week against Green Bay this week another huge game under the lights Sunday Night Football . What is it like high profile backed back. Games two huge ones. You know it's exciting you know on his

  4. Beadle picks 49ers to beat Packers on YSTL

    And yes NFL is back it is Thursday they college Sunday Night Football don't be fooled. Baltimore taken on Denver and America's sweetheart. Carry over my shoulder. Michelle real why are you in

  1. Rodgers, Packers rout Vikings to continue win streak


    Sun, 27 Oct 2013

    Aaron Rodgers was nearly perfect and Eddie Lacy ran for 94 yards and a score as the Packers routed the Vikings on Sunday Night Football , moving their record to 5-2 after their fourth straight win.

  2. LIVE STREAM: 49ers vs. Texans on Sunday Night Football


    Tue, 1 Oct 2013

    If you're not near a TV on Sunday night, watch the 49ers take on the Texans live on CSNBayArea.com with NBC Sports' Live Extra.

  3. LIVE: 49ers-Vikings Sunday Night Football stream


    Sun, 25 Aug 2013

    Can't watch tonight's 49ers-Vikings exhibition game on TV? Don't worry, because you can stream it live on your computer or mobile device!

  4. NFL Notes: Carrie Underwood to sing SNF theme


    Tue, 7 May 2013

    Here's some news from around the league, including Carrie Underwood becoming the new voice of the " Sunday Night Football " theme.

  5. Watch NBC's live SNF stream of 49ers vs. Seahawks!


    Sun, 23 Dec 2012

    Watch Sunday Night Football online here!

  6. 49ers 2.5-point dogs vs. Seahawks


    Fri, 21 Dec 2012

    The 49ers will be 2.5-point underdogs when they take on the Seahawks on Sunday Night Football .

  7. round so I mean our city is a great coach man it's bring the whole team. Well as you guys get ready for the Sunday Night Football game that people can and NBC Bay Area. You also have still heard about the handshake from last year Harbaugh

  8. second base is listed as day to day. The 49ers and and Raiders gearing up for week San Francisco host Detroit on Sunday Night Football . All the raiders' head to Miami to take on the Dolphins fins have won six of their last seven against Oakland

  9. 211- Krissy and Ginny


    Fri, 20 Jan 2012

    today show by then straight out there. sportscasters. Are standing by. Think Andrea city Candlestick Park Sunday Night Football game. Steelers and 49ers then that makes them. In getting me in Detroit September 16 is busy. Yeah I'm

  10. as their voice in the seventies but also all those great games on ABC through the years so. One night on the Sunday Night Football just sit down you know you need to get back in the big problem that you and I need to do it again just for the

  11. out I've been friends forever it seems and over the last few years we've been working closely together on Sunday Night Football . On NBC so one night we're just sitting around and talking about as a you know wow a lot of people probably

  12. 7.6: Chronicle Live -- Ted Robinson


    Thu, 7 Jul 2011

    that you covered they as the voice of the San Francisco 49ers folks in the NFL the NBC people obviously have Sunday Night Football what are they hearing about finally getting this lockout lifted and gone back to the business of the NFL. You

  13. the playoffs and continue from there. Our daughter's next pre season game is Sunday night on national TV Sunday Night Football John. That's John Madden Chris Collins worth an Al Michaels will be here you up and play against the Vikings

  14. 8.10: Kyle Boller on Chronicle Live


    Wed, 11 Aug 2010

    run of Baltimore there yet third year out when I got hurt. Remember specifically is intent Indianapolis on Sunday Night Football come as trafford great games and every guy had a bad season. And then that next year they study drug gets keeping

  15. Is it different I mean do you get a little more nervous knowing that your plan on Monday Night Football or or Sunday Night Football at Thanksgiving Day or Thursday nighter JJ were. All the eyeballs the leader on you in the whole nation's