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Dave Feldman meets his idol Ron Burgundy on SportsNet Central



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Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

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Hey -- Hoosier of broadcasting hero your legend your favorite broadcaster of all time I think you would have to be. One Ronald Burgundy really yeah well they've got a very special guest for you real. I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. And owner of this glorious holiday Halloween. I've been scouring the into -- all day of sorts of the most glorious cost sports -- customs. And I think I've found them. -- -- How about this you know America are going is a very small but distinguished coach Mike Ditka. How about that. Isn't that something like a lot of -- -- like the best. No we have three time Super Bowl -- Tom Brady and it was a rather lovely mrs. Gisele it's going as a cowardly lion and Dorsey from the wizard because America. You've gone through many hair styles again and I started. Finally. We have some fun Bay Area fellows dressed as the 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. Well done and I think that it good and if they got it down they -- the red and they do and khaki pants -- double that rough early today. -- I have admired your work for years. I have many admires Annika how have you have you admired Dave's work for years there were to central. Months months the fact I thought they can rest there's going to be there.

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  1. Three and Out: Leniency for Smith; finishing first half strong

    safety Donte Whitner says Jim Harbaugh and his staff are the most paranoid in the NFL they treat every opponent like it's a Super Bowl on. So even though the forty might basis of teams in the second half of the season that aren't very good. They're not

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    Funny game against them in there for a game I was he would have. Here. We we can play through anything now you know with the Super Bowl lights went out. You know games where you know whether in Seattle and short long distance plan Thursday night football games

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    manager David Caldwell was Romans college roommate at John Carroll university in Ohio. Well the Jaguars did not wait until the Super Bowl run was over to hire a head coach they went with Gus Bradley a defense of mine from the Seattle Seahawks while Greg Roman

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    As for the Super Bowl itself we know books and it's Colts offense as a potent but what about the colts' defense against Drew Brees and company. Saints

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    Thu, 31 Oct 2013

    Mary Paoletti says the last two times the Red Sox won the World Series, the Patriots ended up in the Super Bowl

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    The legendary philosophies of former Bears Super Bowl -winning defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan have helped a few teams get to the top of their division in the NFL.

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    Wed, 23 Oct 2013

    touchdowns last year. Came up huge in the Super Bowl is a big part of that Super Bowl effort even though they didn't win that will ..... approaching the different categories that we use that Super Bowl debate or that winning a championship debate

  4. prepare for an East Coast game. And of course last year in the Super Bowl . Practicing for a full week in New Orleans before that game ..... Jaguars the 49ers have to prepare like they're playing in the Super Bowl . Through seven games. 49ers punt returner Kyle Williams

  5. We've we've given one up to the show would have been disappointed about two. Been through four days. I think it does Super Bowl teams sit there wasn't space out there and hope. It probably wasn't as game is as we've played in but because it was

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    three NFC champion game they went to the Super Bowl they never left teams go through ebbs ..... make predictions love to pick you know Super Bowl matchups in August and and you don ..... picked the Ravens to win last year's Super Bowl at this time of year they'll the Giants

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    Bernard Pollard is plenty familiar with the 49ers; he faced them in Super Bowl . It'll be another date in the box with Frank Gore this weekend.

  8. Titans' Delanie Walker shows growth on and off field


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    Delanie Walker last took the field with the 49ers in a Super Bowl loss. Since then, he's matured with new passions off the field and a new role on it.

  9. can navy. When there are finally NFL healthy I think when their fully healthy they are legitimate Super Bowl contender there a legitimate Super Bowl contender Jim right now. I mean ceiling when they have everything going even with the players they

  10. can navy. When there are finally NFL healthy I think when their fully healthy they are legitimate Super Bowl contender there a legitimate Super Bowl contender Jim right now. I mean their ceiling when they have everything going even with the players

  11. finish or the Pro Bowl based on their finisher. Which is Super Bowl based on their finish there could be. Be something like that ..... know a year from now something that it's on hard Max was Super Bowl there Richard B well I would and we You know it's an advantage

  12. see in the team. From that period of time. Well I I think certainly. They're you know when you've just come off the Super Bowl season and then you're too into. You're looking for some answers and I didn't see any business sense of panic there

  13. This is one of those games where you've got two teams. Poll was Super Bowl aspirations. And the way it started out neither of them is particularly happy right now but the 49ers were a little happier

  14. Kubiak recalls how Super Bowl -winning 49ers overcame adversity


    Wed, 2 Oct 2013

    Gary Kubiak only spent one season in San Francisco, but the Super Bowl -winning 1994 49ers taught the Texans coach more than one key lesson.

  15. Have the 49ers lost their swagger?


    Tue, 24 Sep 2013

    weeks in a row where they have not played very well have the 49ers but Tina got to the Super Bowl became five yards in the Super Bowl had they lost their Super Bowl swagger. Well I think we chalked up to Seattle losses to the home field advantage

  16. Bears simply doing the basics that winning teams do


    Mon, 23 Sep 2013

    It's still early, but the Bears have shown all the traits of a winning team -- one that can contend for a Super Bowl -- in their three wins this year, with the latest coming Sunday in Pittsburgh.

  17. Phase in this team. Whose team won our division last year. It's a team that everybody. You know anticipates has been Super Bowl . Contending teams we understand the talent that we have in them and in the environment that we got to go and face him and

  18. I'm for our weekly segment on the web number 53 himself Navarro tomorrow we'll start with this one word to describe the mood. At 49ers park this week. Quiet. Very you could give me this week just today. Today tomorrow or right focus on the coast what today it was kind of lukewarm slow OK today

  19. Brown explains problems sports hernia creates


    Tue, 17 Sep 2013

    Troy Brown had a sports hernia that held him out of the Super Bowl in 1996, and knows the problems it creates for players like Danny Amendola.

  20. Super Bowl with a 34 minute game delay the 49ers came out better than they played in the first half an hour rain delay here in Seattle and