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9.4: Raiders Training Camp- Tom Cable



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Sun, 5 Sep 2010|

"That's really what this is all about..."


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Okay low amounts. -- We've received 21 players who still don't want to win who will do that by. 3 o'clock our time. Per league rules still deciding on a couple things. Because we we've -- for Shaun Bodiford -- receiver Jerome Boyd defense -- Colt Brennan. Quarterback Chris Cooper. Defensive lineman Alex Daniels defensive lineman -- Defensive lineman. Killing her defense alignment William Joseph defense alignment. Luke -- fullback Chris Morris offensive lineman David Nixon linebacker. Slade Norris linebacker. John Owens tight end. Alex Parsons often to -- -- -- Defense about Jay Richardson defensive lineman Brandon rod offensive lineman Julie Thomas DB but an honest. -- fullback. Swayze waters kicker and Todd Watkins what receiver. -- the list as of right now as I mentioned earlier we still don't want to to get to. It all. -- We have not. -- do you expect him. At this point you know we'll we'll make some determinations as we get ready for. The injury report tomorrow Wednesday -- some of those defining some of those people and what that will be. Week settlement. You know what right now who under release in the -- were listed in the won't determine all that. When we do the official do it through clock killers. These are well. EPA you know us against some ways yes and no this was. There's there's so long that there's about 45 decision and it worked out and then he -- -- got one more. So you know yeah there's some there are some tough decisions there. A lot it is a series. Obviously it's you know for us tour rep as a football team he puts the best players on our team and and naturally with this is all about. It. I think a little bit you know more importantly just these Bulls and the young guys you know contribute their corporate anxious just steadily -- and have certainly -- well it back. And he put. Q a what he could but his versatility is that he can play either guard or tackle so. It's it would be -- builder. Look at until that as we get closer to the game and -- among those sort of issues. And -- Boomer sooner rather and you know we can look question we were worked Utah and most time because of injury issues were pretty much only at two. I'm O line. Yeah. With the Cardinals. So the not so later. Rookie. TV's live -- what they feel. Well you know again this thing did the -- that we put on the football team have improved us and that's that was that was the goal from the get go and so -- -- -- utes are either. Improved our team. We feel like to do this the best chance to succeed. We're both. It's introduced Tennessee -- started you know some conditioning. Owner of the team a little bit and introduced Tennessee and you know got started down that path in gratitude for the game plan tomorrow. Yeah. -- -- I don't feel good about that mean there obviously. They'll be some things here that you know he'll do become more familiar with this we get into the game we can announce something so. That little forward go. With the practice squad -- -- How many and yes. Who expect -- All on me. Well I think there's a good number of them you know will will cover girl that I would get really count 24 hours here to do that we can store that tomorrow morning at 9 AM. And don't do that we've got some decisions to make their two in terms of who want you know -- back -- have a good developmental roster and then. -- it's not here working who did it finally you know to a football team. Oh or bloopers it's okay -- He. You know what what she loses her please please. In this day and age with the roster introduce period in her dress and 45 you've got to have versatility so I think it. In a number of spots that was you know a very big issue who can bring the most to the table. But -- every quality. And so I think that that's always kind of a strong point. In this image of football just because the roster and then -- dressed number. Hurt or -- it's. Well yeah -- look at his consistency in his side. Worst mistake sort of intervention. You know easy. Easily you can fix them prove him. But it certainly makes as -- you know little bigger more physical runner. Yeah. Or -- -- Will will actually do that this afternoon we'll go back and start studying that we rely -- -- all right we just came off the field so. I actually heard that. If they hope in the hallway for a came in here so it. I think this week we will go through look at it and see it is anyone's interest not introduced him -- anyone that I think can help us and this is what you do I think we've been committed to making this team better and and that's -- to do so. You to believe Roosevelt is -- -- -- -- Seymour or any possible. -- I don't know you know we'll see and it seems that no. No -- go to his. OK okay yeah.

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