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8.2: Ray Ratto 1-on-1 with Takeo Spikes



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Tue, 8 Nov 2011|

Jackson talks about the plethora of injuries, and talks about the San Diego Chargers.


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Yeah you guys weren't illegal in all any chance any of those guys who'll he'll make it there on eleven when the distance. And it says in my these guys care but we got another day -- They have another day. Soul you know people wanna see what -- -- them but you know that are it was the week that plated him. We'll get it you don't -- that you might normally if there. -- no I mean -- that would hold him out of a guy you know is is physically. Unable to practice practice. You know I don't think we're pulling out think back and go. I think they keep that in mind that we practice right now those two players cannot go out tomorrow and may be able to. In the next but there's -- that's yet to these days. Corey -- Everything -- is a short week mean you guys do anything you have to do it they'll take. You know that that team that gives you that something went so we'll do whatever it takes that's what they have -- very comfortable with I think some players that. And that's what we are this will -- Gregory. And. -- -- -- you vehemently days. Yeah that there's still a chance to games Thursday I know what you're saying as -- our policy that during a normal week but this is a different deal you know. This is -- Thursday night game and bodies that are important. But I can help this football team when it needs -- Patriots good players. I don't again until the end again this further progress. Obviously he's not out here right now I know he's getting better exactly where he is. Is day to day right now which means it's getting better but how close he is playing. I don't know that sure if you're right yeah. So yeah he's not. He's not ruled out yet I mean tomorrow will make that total determination that. -- Yeah he was on guys he's. We got always put on there then we'll meet the other guy -- any day you know you put him on this -- they should put me on this list and I got aches and pains. Now we'll be we're fine will be okay. Where it hurt. His stroke back and you can do personally. -- might have you. Still veterans. -- victory yeah. I mean we've we've tried to play historians but I mean obviously. Is -- tell -- from I mean he's been he's been bruised all year. You know but he always seems to make it to the game goes and plays and plays well as a kid I mean. That's one thing I like about our guys to win this game data majorities guys come back and -- a great place find a way. Medical team does a good job and it finally -- like now sometimes when I play is what we can't that they can do -- practice. I mean some -- that this is some of the issues but that's part of it that's life in the National Football League this team will get healthy at some point but. We're gonna fight on we after. Because that's that's. That nature this this game you gotta like our guys want to you know play. But -- -- and where you want to move on yourself. I think he -- I mean obviously he's he's in the mix he's played he's played a little bit more more more as we go. Anybody -- also -- the game and he's learned how to play the game up here and at this level and he's working and he's done a tremendous job on special teams and you wish you had that one. We'll look back you know when he got only called running into the kicker he's just that stuff as a young player in this field. It is a game where you -- as football players have to break I want it Portland -- -- whole bunch of penalties in the they hit -- of confidence going a little over. He could be and then I got to make sure -- shoes and water. Before the game starts at halftime because. Again we're addressing this whole thing we wanted to get solved but we cannot. Continue to put ourselves and make the situation so it does. And we we beat we beat ourselves in the middle is always has been -- over -- I think this team understands that some talk about something continue to address that one of the biggest challenges as a coach and he is preparation so it was. Absolutely I mean but I did you know your leaders you know you mean you lose a little bit more. And now we have been I think they understand what's at stake here you Wear them down. We were one until the last half of the season. You know we're playing for something that they've -- guys understand it no more of the you know -- and characteristic things that we should be doing at this point we got to get those things -- they understand that and I think again. Hopefully we'll see a different football team as far as those things. -- -- -- -- -- -- There -- -- now one team. I -- -- a very salty good defensive football team and they got Takeo Spikes leave him down. Who's been great and -- in San Francisco game brings a lot of energy and passion to that team you look over there. There are some changes personnel wise but the structure that 34 defense how they play what they're trying to accomplish. It's ministries philosophy puts a lot of the same principles that they had here so. They're good football -- and we understand that another team and our division that we need to go play well against -- -- haven't done that here lately the last two weeks so we'll look forward to. -- If he did. At. Mean they throw the ball I mean they've got the ball well I mean we don't when not in that class. You know we were working towards that and get better at being able to. So the ball -- you know I think early in the year in the world and an ops runs. Last week last week we need -- -- consists. I think there when it consistent offensive. Job this will be challenged our defensive football team. Also think that we can be very consistent. Team to. Triples I don't know that was similar. He said he'd like. -- excellent control him. We need to get around the football. -- -- -- How old the Packers that's how they play and there they're built differently and we're we're still a team that likes -- them in the half but. And we played our student and we like to run it feels like that -- so yeah I'd like to have a balanced offensive. And the Packers they do a tremendous job they do and they -- it and sending last week and we're gonna play again. And plays Wilson. Older. He's definitely. -- it. They'll let it looks like an office escalate continue to tailored to the players. You know we have some injuries you know here and there obviously you don't have -- We do that Michael Bush he had searched and will play it -- and we'll play that question will play to whatever personal experience that. That's we don't have a name for you know what it is is which of players in position to make plays and that's what you -- Last week we scored 24 points when people Portland and you know so if I was from. That's the bottom line this game's about -- one more point than the other team we have done that two times. Philip Rivers -- that. But overall seed. It. You know I know everybody says he's struggled because numbers. Sure everybody's down there probably about that I had somebody ask me about that this morning this guy is still -- football. Very talented quality quarterbacks in this league and yeah. I I'm not even talk about it it's less about talked about quarterback -- -- had taken an action so. Whatever their problems are that problem and of from the moment and -- so I'm -- but these and that weird but there's. -- -- get rid of the field. And it. Berg is encouraging but we lost -- -- -- we can get the ball down as much as you -- when you lose and it. That this is about winning. All the touchdown passes and yards and all that is is one thing and win football games -- charge and we read that no yards militants. -- That's that's what this. You only. Joked about -- injured guys to believe that you like to think there is never. Okay good problem whenever it's feelings you can have some. Yeah. You know that I've as a coach haven't -- -- position that we're I still believe -- fairly honest. You create opportunities for guys make plays -- games that everybody understands yet. The motivations -- motivation is winning in. And I think all the guys and in a lot from -- very competitive and I love that about it but they also understand that this is about winning it's not about an individual. You know our quarterback and spread the ball around it to anybody that makes life. In that's that this is all about and I think when you have enough guys like that in the office becomes a you know there's not one guy you know certain -- and you got to worry about all. And I think we're grow and hopefully we stay -- always today so we'll keep keep working that can grind it -- continue to get better. Budget right now and name him. No doubt about him right now and -- he's a good player I know this personally. He's declared them a lot of respect for him I mean again it's a challenge. We elections and we got a big challenge against this football team they challenged in this division and get back get back. Get off to slide and then on Thursday night football NFL network national audience that's. But it mentally. If you try to find. A waitress and -- you do anything and everything that you think it takes to make sure that he doesn't know how to. That night you know are good players our corners have got to got to put their hands on him again at this stage -- harass him. And not -- officer happens you know why he's community can't -- on the routes and catching us. It's a challenge but it's fun. This -- the national football league's all the bodies every week there's going to be something last week it was a different type of quarterback this -- is Philip Rivers and how to throw the ball and how they run the ball in the shifting in motion that they do. I mean that's that's the challenge of being in this league.

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