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Raiders-Chiefs matchup No. 3: Khalif Barnes vs. Tamba Hali



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Thu, 24 Oct 2013|

Scott Reiss and Erin Coscarelli discuss Chiefs LB Tamba Hali's monumental tip, and the Spurs' camoflauge uniforms.


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Let's find out what's trending on Yahoo! Sports and -- -- Oscar really what a pleasant surprise to find you in the studio. Outlining the pleasure to be they feel we've got some exciting interesting -- on not. Into tricky world of sport in fact our first story in 99% sure -- after the -- -- Pretty much can be -- for the she's moving forward that after she defeated tech then. Linebacker Tommy holly he took out front to get there. Family and friends sure and that and some can't how much do you think Tom Huntley lacked the wait staff. See that's not a fair question because I know the answer but it was -- with it. Thousand dollars they already on top 20% included in the bill. So that when he 20/20 that it that I was very happy he was thinking if he did not too hot fat so maybe that was -- Also indicate it but I'm pretty sure we're not moving forward weight that can be very that I get an idea they were Joba did quite. What did you that they see the Warriors team they've got some flak over that leaned. Uniform but it's not uncommon for -- -- -- teams to come out with some. Unique you know what -- the first to jump on board -- that these military inspired uniformed. Honor and that is considered it yet. In the armed forces that a lot he -- important -- expertise on without some people love can apply some people think it's a little over the top. My question for you what do you what do you it would I would I get pulled off quite. You can't you know they get their San Diego Padres aren't as you do those every Sunday Ohman and mixed reviews there as well but it worked for them and it's. Think there and I always have been the military guys in the stands so -- absolutely.

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  1. What's Trending? Tamba Hali is a big tipper

    Scott Reiss and Erin Coscarelli discuss Chiefs LB Tamba Hali's monumental tip, and the Spurs' camoflauge uniforms.

  1. Raiders-Chiefs matchup No. 3: Barnes vs. Hali


    Thu, 10 Oct 2013

    Arrowhead Stadium. Raiders LT Khalif Barnes vs. Chiefs ROLB Tamba Hali Tale of the tape: Barnes (69): 6-foot-6, 321 pounds, ninth season, Washington Hali (91): 6-foot-3, 275 pounds, eighth season, Penn

  2. content. They played well off each other so we have to learn the right message. Coach did an idea from and how how how how Hali are really willing to best genachowski tried yeah. Do those is giddy up. I just feel very comfortable with him when those guys