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Brown: 'We know we can run with anyone in the league'



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Sun, 27 Oct 2013|

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Guess the one great pass defense in the end -- really -- wasn't for these DB and yourself to really keep heading in his receivers off kilter. The us was we just let a lot of man and we know we felt I would mess over the world with those guys we know that we can -- anybody. Kind of leads and let a lot of man -- put it on us to win the battles. That's typical of -- because that's field was slick and wet is on tape that really can affect your strike out there yet definitely I was home I just saw some about breaks that's what golf minutes on a couple of them right down to make sadly -- was definitely definitely but. Both guys gathered at the real world that's a great job swarming the ball that we did miss tackles and a great team -- -- never -- -- that ball was coming into the end -- -- woods I am they ran a lot of you know. Instead it goes to slow those we called it in its only like a lot of they were outside again -- come away. Game let's put on the defense secondary we have Maurice Jones-Drew but not a lot of pressure on Henne was -- by design. I guess so I think I've really I don't know I don't I don't really see all of it is like us it was playing so let's man up -- -- learn a lot. So does -- out of regular bought into this weekend it's not a slow those guys that we don't have a powerful offense. Thank you -- -- Jones who runs the ball really ought to have a good offensive line -- say about his defense and the first half just giving up ten points especially if it's U Auburn game. Relentless that's really bought in this week coming down here. I'm a long trip that's really focused -- don't they only really. You know put -- put it puts it mentally and you know we Disney day was on definitely come down on us impresses most about this defense in the first half this season. That's a relentless in Gaza will in the work I. I think good end of the day when you have guys that really put in the effort day in and day out to be great it definitely -- have buy into the team and you defense. Are you going to do during the bye week seriously it's been down Mikey assist. And an extra -- and.

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