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9.10: 49ers Central- Taylor Mays



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  2. Carnegie Hall9:50
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Tue, 23 Aug 2011|

Harbaugh addresses the Taylor Mays trade and updates the status of his team.


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Think it's. A good. Not just for us prefer for Taylor and in for there was no. Positive thinker. For Taylor got a lot of respect -- I've been around for about. 34 weeks now and understand. He's good football player and respect him as a person. -- And hardworking guy out here I think it's that are better fit for him and insists that it really He feels the same thing. I've just been impressed with you know professionally he's he's approaching. You know. -- in the training camp. Practices and meetings. You know very much like. Like. All of our offensive linemen are. Competing on the field and preparing -- and me the meeting rooms and in their conditioning. In there in the physical in the -- and knowing them motivational side differently. For football but they have faced these. Throwing -- football. I'm pretty darn good and you know work hard and and and every phase of play in this position. -- They're great demands. On the mental side on the on the physical side and his mechanics. -- A long list of. He's like. Any other players working right now. Well make more more or less than. And what I mean much if you ask me what -- what my standard of my style is and it's it's it's basically. You know to teach. Tell them what to do show what to do. And let him do it then tell him what He did right and what He can improve on. For both of our you know all of our quarterbacks all of our players compete you know that's just that's again so. Would not have any other way. The I just don't have any pressure. On myself because I look at -- to name. Starting quarterback in. -- table manner so that tells answered that question on and that. Not following your -- your your train of thought. There were give. Give give them if you talk about reps is that we are going yes. A lot of -- All time. Yeah I'm not I'm not enough followers we're. They're going to do well a lot of things go -- and you know. Which of you for your players and in position to two. To be successful. To do what they do well to. You know to get the work on the practice field so that they can go into a ball game and not be unsuccessful. You know those things are taken place. You know competing that's it that's it's a natural give and requirement of of the position at all times and and every. Performance us. Well traditionally historically. The third pre season game in the National Football League is that is the game. That you game plan like you would. In the regular season. Were starters play. Our first half. I come out of that come out of the halftime playing in the third quarter. You wanna get them and two minute drive situations. Coming out after. You know third down short yardage goal line. You know as many situations. As you possibly. And in. Traditionally that's that's the way it's -- and that's that's our approach. They were taken that approach. Well me more is more where we always have taken that approach that. The philosophy. But less is more of them than what we. Subscribe to. That's -- -- steady aero upgrade at all times with with with Colin and his development. Really pleased. From game one to game two. You know there's just more and more polished that's. That's taken place in terms of how He. Operates the offense well as a team and how hollow. Mechanics. Accuracy. But you -- the ability to drive the football to read coverage. Again and -- long list of things. Are important for an answer to keep improving on. Very very steady. Positive development. Just the the ability to. You know to give pressure to ride you know with the the center. Confidence in. You know to win and grabbed the ball went and snatched it out with authority. You know that ownership on him being getting the ball. The -- get away from center fast. You know so much and run game in the in the pass game is predicated. Timing of them. On the court I didn't giddiness after getting away from center. And and a lot of those things where we're not things He had high volume of repetition and so to miss him. -- Yes. Yes given film study practice. Room. Meetings. -- -- Shotgun approach. -- incident. Where others. There's really just a film. Sharp today. And experienced player in the league to go off right now. Yes. And it happened and they also in the other don't think you go off of is how they are in the meeting rooms and and you know. Their participation there. And you know how much. Cubs or you know so. That's another thing you have to go off steady. Steady improvement you know continuous effort in in that regard. -- respect each other on the back right now. There's it. Do you like best in the Harvard or what's more important hammer those are the -- of the ruler in his. All those things -- important. -- Critically important. Objective -- to three things in football or any position. Her. Portland daily basis a weekly basis for our or. You know the mental side -- science of the game. And your preparation. Fully understanding. -- Simon your adjustments. Physical. Nature. Strength. The technique and leverage with which you play. Physically. Training and conditioning. The treatment of your you know your money -- you know your body. And that's a proactive. As well is. -- it is as a rehabilitation. And also the motivation with how you play with which to play. Getting yourself prepared every single day when you come out to practice. We're working. And then. The same goes for the games as well so those those three things that. Critical it is. As far as undrafted rookie free agency. Yes that's that's exactly what took place. After the draft was over. Put together. The other board. What some some run routes yesterday and and making cuts for the very first time and He at a disadvantage. Of course that means there's. Other players. Look much more practice time. So. Routes we -- that pretty much steadily. With. Everybody that's that's come and whether it was. Veteran free agency came -- after missing a week of practice. Just that people. Practice more have been. Have been better first so. She is. You don't get to Carnegie Hall without practicing and it's really really shown up you know this. This training -- you see who -- morning off since you know more and more training more more practice and know eventually you know -- get back into the Nixon and Q do the best can't catch up and and overcome. Obstacles.

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  1. Harbaugh addresses the Taylor Mays trade and updates the status of his team.

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