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Maiocco on Walker: 49ers lose a really big piece



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Wed, 23 Oct 2013|

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The only played this season on woods neither. Thought he Whitner or Eric Reed was on the field for the according as a resulted in a short catch -- long touchdown run by the Tennessee Titans due to the 49ers defense. Well rest assured it looks like both Whitner and Reid will be available for the game on Sunday gets -- Jaguars both left the game due to injuries against the Titans but both were in full pads practicing with the forty guys began preparation. Wednesday outside a lot. 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh says that it's possible some of the injured guys could be activated to the team such as Eric Wright. -- Carradine. And Mario Manningham however don't hold your breath and the reason is because of where he has had the bye week after this week. So the players can practice or two more full weeks before seeing the field and plus there's really no room right now or needs for those players. 49ers injured defensive lineman Lawrence aquae got a lot of attention after all he represented this country in the 2012 Olympics. Currently he's making 288000. Dollars to study the game of football because he can't practice due to his knee injury I asked to play where he expects to be in 2016. Will he be throw the discus. Or England in the Olympic Games he said the only thing that he's focused on is 2014. Training camp with the 49ers.

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  8. courting these two outstanding cover corners for the Tennessee Titans rank in the top ten. And pass coverage pro football ..... in a Vernon Davis in the 49ers their opponent the Tennessee Titans . And you got on my fantasy team my future running

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  10. Obviously here it looks easy on paper but it may be a little more tricky that percent I never it never ceases to amaze me that tolerance we have for other people's pain. Or at the degree of difficulty were willing to assigned to teams' schedules look winning in the NFL is hard. The NFL keeps

  11. re not looking ahead right. You know twelve. There's there's no I haven't really you know I don't think about the Titans . But may not be about Jacksonville because they need packed for a he immediately following that tight game in Nashville the

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  13. turnovers for all for and so does the coaches and the players is working together. Are coming up this week you have the Tennessee Titans that means a former teammate gets to say hello are you guys and that's Delanie Walker. What's it going to be

  14. making their first starts of the season. The Titans having gotten much it all going from ..... yards rushing in the past three games. The Titans want to get the run game going and they ..... defense tidy up the center not allow. The Titans he got to the second level and block

  15. to make him miss to the 48 wanna get the run game going in the in their three game winning streak then. On this shoulders of the running game and on the shoulders of Frank Gore. That'll have to remain the case Sunday against the Titans .

  16. in a wide receiver at fullback. And the H he was all over the place. Well he's been more of a receiving target. With the Titans he's already caught twenty passes he's on pace to get have career highs. In receiving. You'll be matched up a lot

  17. ll look 49ers can be expected to add one if not too defensive linemen to their active roster for Sunday's game against the Titans . Glenn Dorsey is probably out with a hamstring strains of the forty are looking at which young guy which rookies to activate

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  19. s even Delanie Walker has no idea how the 49ers to defamed him on Sunday. Walker now in his first year with the Tennessee Titans figures that Patrick Willis could cover him but Patrick Willis is nursing a groin injury. The rookie. Eric the

  20. you do whatever the coaches exceeded. Your former teammate Delanie Walker catches a pass over the middle he now plays for the Titans . You've got a great shot Adam you're coming out of do you go while while a better take a step back I don't wanna hurt