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8.5: Training Camp Footage: Running Backs



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  2. Thomas Clayton2:07
  3. Parma5:49
  4. Nixon1:14
  5. Victoria5:57
  6. Bulls2:57
  7. Cleveland2:32
  8. left hand hitters4:00
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  10. star game3:24
Sat, 5 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

It seem like you he threw a lot of fastballs in the game today. And it's -- like that's been something that's been on for years that it's an in game strategy thing out. Setting up missing -- times or more rough play -- play. Knows something when -- hear you mean your pitching he's going your instincts. You know outs that we we had a game plan what we want to do or any team in. You know when you didn't gains tax changes. Today you know -- my fastballs in pretty good. -- changes pretty good so -- game prosecution knows who pitches a lot. And we we had successor in the game because. That's why does it look into groups and it's deep into games. Two pitches. -- is -- got you pretty good the last time you faced him was there anything that you took away from that start maybe applied in this one. Not really. You know. They said they didn't need that's -- you know sometimes that's just how it goes in. You know but they can get -- and get them. That's a cat and mouse game. And today -- -- came out there with good fast moving change and was able to mix and smoker lost their love these holes on them. I'm Nixon made some big pitches with a curveball and some situations -- -- generous amount so. You know that I do your job of attacking the zone throw first pitch strikes I was ourself in. And it was it was in deep into the game because of that you know -- certain passes on on the bullpen and slowing them wanted the job and it's like so. Were you pretty much owned the entire a's lineup outside of obsessed but as -- -- for the triple and -- homer what was that about him that made -- difference. And a person that he previously on you know slider that caught too much plate and you know music you joked that. And and in the -- bat. You know -- I mean -- got to -- accountant. You know I didn't know quite pitch go with that's -- my best fastball away. I at least. Make him go the other way but -- Thomas Clayton. He's to use too much -- -- -- mostly that's situations. So that's something happens that's baseball pitching he's just move on. There was so down and quicker because that situation because the crowds aren't -- goes on your feet and get those outs was -- big -- pass on us. -- one Cleveland went out there I know we don't see him go out there very often anymore without making a pitching change did you think she was coming out to get to it first. And what was his message you and him. Yeah usually he makes a signal. If you want -- pretty early. And I didn't see him do that so there's times where it will come out and actually doing. And at that point in time I still thought -- Bulls. Still excuse. Pitches on pitches at that point in time in others I think three lefties coming up. And I guess that's all right still some things you want and it changed it it's yours so I was conversation. That's the mentality is you know -- year and go through something. Is this big party game. Mexico pitched in an all star game you started you've pitched World Series games other playoff games. But you have in game one assignment tonight. On the road against a team here psychologically can you talk a little bit about where your mind was coming and where it was in the early innings. The same as always. Nothing that I don't get caught the hoopla I don't. Worry about where I'm pitching -- if I'm pitching game five it doesn't matter. When you're facing postseason team. Team like the days you know the dreary and that's the way it is. And I thought tonight as they suit pitch effectively and pitch well against left hand hitters. And that those injuries mine had success. The other question. Max are taught playing time's about. How of your belief is the last fifteen pitches is a gamer earlier Vegas usually we're used to -- news. Being fastballs and velocity. It seemed like especially after a home run that you. -- cheap speed slot on those guys and it was it would do that effectively. How easy was set to do it kind of control the the adrenaline at that point and how effective do you think the change up was listed. Who is crucial that point in your right the last fifteen pitches you dictate how you're here how your outing goes and you know given up big -- on that situation. You know the -- could come you know to come flying off. But I kept my composure and would like so I was able to continue to execute -- curve -- change ups those three left handed hitters to help our engine race amounts. And like -- those -- team pitches a lot and when you can do in the post season means more. This season. You're undefeated when your team's given three runs. At least three runs how much of current instance does that. You know that's just not that they can change in a heartbeat. If you can't you know -- into mountain west around. But for me. You know get those early runs is always -- accession post season you know allows our hitters have and confidence and find out there and throws and zeros. They usually scored more. And so for me to -- go out there and you -- -- to a game and minimize our offense and clutch and the outs of these situations. That was. -- Parma are. And you know obviously used it carts are on my teammates. BO score those there on Sunday and Victor and prince. You know Victoria all those guys get on base early. To put themselves in position against Detroit -- because I mean he should you have to -- saying how good is because he shut down our offense and that just shows how good this team --

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  17. Ruined it started sorry guys that. You didn't practice for Warner weren't able to finish practice Nick Roach. Keenan Clayton . build here I gave on recorder and good all know there's haven't. Amaro and his triceps so I don't really have any

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  19. right his clubs or anything at all. And is probably minute and it was an it was revealed by the fact that is that only one Clayton Kershaw to pitch one inning. There are politics the coming into play here in terms of how teams want their respective players

  20. Name a starting pitcher. Who happens. To be 11 and here in New York. what a tremendous year he's in. Really wouldn't matter what city we will plain and here he said. Impressive numbers he's put he he would have been starting pitcher effective it is here. It's an honor for me to name he has starting