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8.13: Thomas Howard Postgame, RAW



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Wed, 14 Mar 2012|

Bengals LB Thomas Howard and Henry Wofford take issue with each other's bracket in the CSNBayArea.com pick 'em challenge.


Machine Generated Transcript

Welcome to CSN Bay Area dot com can believe what we're talking -- -- March Madness that we won't Wear a long but the guy. We know he can knock somebody out of the game but that's no. Basketball. List of former raider card -- Thomas Howard yeah it was being. The air mail or know little about basketball on a little. -- you knock renegade so it you know late February march -- watch him all the all the conference championships and you know I've been doing it for well me and my dad and my brother back Coleman to all of a look out so you and -- the family thing the damage. And that's why -- know that hit it because you want to over analyze that. In the -- did you get them wrong that -- right in. You you put five bucks a low -- went to see what happen. Absolutely have you ever picked a sixteen seed defeated number one seed and Everett's that you're not crazy no -- had to do. I got out that while you're not that bold I'm going to sell mama ability to hurt you for the thirteenth I'm not but that that at the hot today. The other problem each year. But on it when go to. -- start with the big dogs first -- who is our first. Number one seed Rockies didn't beat in this turned out there Q. -- you know they -- the big man Melo -- mellow yeah that issue back to school. So they're gonna go down at K state. In in the second or target you know that. After they beat at the K state beat southern miss. -- you will win their first in the middle loose in case -- and while Kate takes its one the one on the top rebounding teams in the nation. No big name. In case they beat some good they planted in a good conference they're just that one hell of a record 31 and two and you don't even have them get into the swing no big man Kansas they can get rebounds and they played good teams Kansas -- Baylor. Missouri yet -- -- ballistic when that he's practiced since that's where we'll Begin -- -- you have went in that region and going to the final four Florida -- my team right where stay put it this what do you watch them beat Duke. Twice North Carolina twice. They have better in the mean they have senior guys. They're good they're they're my hot peak in banning the next thing bracket. So that's good and did. Game that's the elite eight perhaps for four to face -- is my team -- they want to the -- One Barbara are not a team who could play with the best in the AFC. I'm going against you on and what would I LB Florida State lose -- against Ohio State open. Ohio State lost in the victims. Against Michigan State that Tom Izzo team I never trust Tom is those teams that they can go deep. Don't do it but for some reason. You know -- went about -- Grand Rapids basketball -- up -- -- them closely tied fizzles or Coke use but I think he's so hard on those guys when it gets to crunch time. A lot of guys that. Can't handle his intensity but he can't let you know working with the senior that them between three Green -- yeah but the Colts. On the court. Its -- that are -- on them in east vehicle nosed team refugee. When Tom Izzo has the number one feet all. -- final four bound and it's like three of three or right. Your home park on -- the one I kind of I'm. -- -- -- well I kind of feel a little bit you know a whole lot of I don't know little bit and I'm a little bit then there's the hill. You can compete against athletes like Thomas Howard only thing you gotta do is -- -- CSN Bay Area dot com. Go to -- win these bracket challenge or keep it his points were -- in -- points. Are you Smart than Thomas Howard is our big question -- they -- there right now you're challenged in the right. They had come -- over that's played together -- have to watch it. And to see what happens you know a man best the luck with the Cincinnati being of the Simpsons season really had a lot of fun and we're gonna have a lot -- plan against you. On our brackets challenge presented by Wendy's -- joints.

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