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11.5: Paul Gutierrez's Kansas City-Raiders Matchups to Watch



  1. Milwaukee Bucks2:36
  2. John Thomas1:00
  3. Thornton2:34
  4. Cubs2:35
Wed, 23 Mar 2011|

Thornton joins Grant and Jerry after beating the Bucks.


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It was not a 97 of eight from the line six rebounds and horses that -- getting Beriault. Can do it every game's congratulations on a pot a heck of a performance like -- -- coming coming. -- Look like Q obviously you guys that as a team we're able to cut got Delfino out a little bit and not the question. -- then you guys could take over the game and I thought it -- he was effective. With the ball on John Thomas Jones really an outstanding defenders we will know in January and create some shots against him you have very -- golf and presented the comedy -- In the first they came. You know what I level of the confidence coach -- -- game on the line fourth quarter just about every possession put the ball in your hand. He's let you make good decisions -- -- cute you know you had -- he missed the agent went down under but you know you I saw your frustration but the point is. That's gotta make you feel really good yeah yeah. Mean did you have a contract I yeah I would have yet I'm gonna cost you this -- I don't you have to grip when he came here. That that was a big rebound he got hooked -- -- there's really. No idea -- so great credit my teammate. You put into words and again you're young players this is only the second year what history has -- right now for your career. I think the lawyer today. Everything happens for. Are refuses to let. Players -- good -- around he knocked through you know let's go enjoy the one. Long walk back to the locker room thank you very much Torres to chatting with -- congratulations on and on a tremendous game I think -- Marcus Thornton has said the king. Isn't the Cubs beat the Milwaukee Bucks. Think -- to a.

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  1. 11.4: Raiders Practice -- Lamarr Houston

    a sudden W leaders of this team before. Or you know we some. On the local and you know I was I was pretty elusive Thomas Jones . Julio lot of older vets will be fluent you know knows god called the physicals. due to. Rolando is coming along

  2. 3.23: SAC/MIL postgame -- Marcus Thornton

    not the question. then you guys could take over the game and I thought it he was effective. With the ball on John Thomas Jones really an outstanding defenders we will know in January and create some shots against him you have very golf and presented

  3. 11.4: Raiders Practice -- Stanford Routt

    excerpts of I think it's to divert the diversity that they have well with the running style. He got McCluster because Thomas Jones are by no TVA's Jamaal charles' speed guy so you got a lot of different running styles. Within their offensive scheme

  1. thereby we Collins great players know Merlin Olsen over her deacon Jones . But will they be playing him in the first game after the bye ..... paychecks. He's a very good player again but he's no deacon Jones and not my personal friend Merlin Olsen has been known to drop

  2. quarterback. Whom I miss it here you know as a quarterback the fastest guy. Now he's not the fastest you know to beat Taiwan Jones is that it's. Simply put light in his and then he's planning in a bottle and you know he can just go and they to fly

  3. Game let's put on the defense secondary we have Maurice Jones -Drew but not a lot of pressure on Henne was by design. I ..... those guys that we don't have a powerful offense. Thank you Jones who runs the ball really ought to have a good offensive line

  4. we have about we come and and and a strong point isn't my. A lot of pressure Henne was gone really just to contain Maurice Jones -Drew let the take care or. Guru okay we've still I would better than room you know so as far as oppressive we don't want

  5. No just coming out. That when Justin Blackmon came and you really changed dynamic of this jags offense have really Maurice Jones -Drew. Certainly seem like this team pressed her hand it was that what this defense is playing for. Yeah well we knew they

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    Andy Dalton threw a career-high five touchdown passes - four of them to Marvin Jones - as the Cincinnati Bengals drubbed the New York Jets 49-9.


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    Navorro Bowman, the 49ers leading tackler, will be busy on Sunday trying to slow down Jaguars running back Maurice Jones -Drew.

  9. that did the wars and a tape all week in. Respective team a the they see on the tape you know this good football team Rees Jones -Drew is a top flight back. If that's the line has gotten hits and every quarterback they play. They play with great effort

  10. think the first time he was out there at twenty targets you know that shows you number one target on this football team. But Jones -Drew is not a slows. His eighth year when the top backs in this football league doesn't fumble much. You know small got

  11. regular rest passer. You know it's it's a new team for him. So all we know what he does from this point forward. So coach Jones it is going to be down this week but in the future we'd like to see where he's gonna do practice and then we'll teach

  12. routes. Taking out those lines hands. Two step three step drops pretty much at the longest in. You know still target Maurice Jones -Drew mixed is much the in these two on the Shoes she's the other games on Fulton you hit you just thinking more they more

  13. guys from the regular season great win for us tonight but you know there's a lot of room for improvement it's our before Jones yeah. Rookie with the looks at him and I mean you know we had a 22 timeout left that could have taken a foot. We preached

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    Patriots defensive ends Chandler Jones and Andre Carter have had a relationship that has quickly blossomed since Carter signed with the team earlier this week.

  15. know you do different different kinds of service or doesn't really matter. It doesn't look when they put a guy like Felix Jones back there on third down. Sounds better stars goes to two game plan and those comments to the situations were different guys

  16. week don't be that guy or not on our watch not I think you're Chad okay up and down had an interception today they Maurice Jones -Drew went to Dallas now. Here locally in the Bears in the he's a pretty good running it was a very good running back gonna

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    The blame for Chris Jones ' penalty in overtime doesn't rest on Chris Jones , said Bill Belichick. It rests with the Patriots coaching staff.

  18. Obscure penalty helps Jets beat Patriots in o.t.


    Sun, 20 Oct 2013

    An never-before-called penalty on the Patriots' Chris Jones on an unsuccessful FG attempt sets up Nick Foles' game-winning 42-yard kick in o.t., giving the Jets a 30-27 win over the Pats.

  19. Mankins: 'Ticky-tacky' penalty on field goal


    Sun, 20 Oct 2013

    Logan Mankins joins Postgame Live to talk about Chris Jones ' penalty in overtime and how he feels about the rule.

  20. Jones accepts blame for his overtime penalty


    Sun, 20 Oct 2013

    Freelancing on a 56-yard overtime field goal attempt, Jones -- lined up to the left of teammate Will Svitek -- looped behind Svitek and shoved forward. Immediately, an official's flag flew.