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9.13: Parys Haralson Postgame



  1. Parys Haralson0:04
  2. Shawntae Spencer0:26
  3. Manny Lawson0:06
  4. Anquan Boldin0:20
  5. Larry FitzGerald0:20
  6. Tim Hightower0:25
  7. Arizona0:23
Sun, 13 Sep 2009|

Machine Generated Transcript

Kind of the players responsible for this past dress on one -- Parys Haralson on the others and Manny Lawson and where was this past stressed all pre season as a veteran players. Was waiting to see and what -- ABM. And he also is real we know we can pass -- losing to come on. Recent secondary did a great job cone and even just personal quarterback. And we expected obviously Larry FitzGerald Anquan Boldin to be explosive receivers unknown for Arizona was the running game and we saw Tim Hightower adding -- Think your game Shawntae Spencer talked a little bit about it but did he can surprise -- defense so little bat. Mean we knew the outcome is to have ties to run back and we really only on an emotional thing every morning and you know prepared to give -- -- -- stop the run and after we moved to do that today. Duplicitous and under did a great job -- and move your small personal quarterback.

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  1. 9.13: Shawntae Spencer Postgame

    We knew before the game and humbled and might be questionable is that right hamstring but it is defense expect like Tim Hightower did today. I know we didn't I mean he's actually a very very talented we knew ankles will play in the he's won

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