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Fri, 21 Oct 2011|

AP Sports writer Josh Dubow joins Paul Gutierrez to break down Sunday's Raiders vs. Chiefs matchup.


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Hey guys and ladies thanks very log in CSN California dot com get a bucket here. Raiders insider Adam joined this time to talk about Raiders matches if she's by. Josh Duval from AP Associated Press he's the guy -- you're on Twitter and you see a lot of monkeys that's coming up about it -- it does make a lot of incidents. He's got a coming from the judge sixer for joining them as a premier. So look at this game and obviously the big questions that -- hanging over this -- -- Who's the raider quarterback that'd be at this point doesn't even matter with the quarterback is going to be. Probably night so I think the reason reliant on Darren McFadden in the running game and their defense to win this game -- that the quarterback's going to be a whole lot whether it's cowboy or Carson Palmer. It's -- that we talked about quite a bit to come from that aspect. Is you think that there McFadden and having -- -- if she's there's we talked about earlier you really have the numbers don't back that up in play let's just Michael Bush's big game. What his rookie season He had a big game against. That was his only big game his first two years that the game against you -- sort of hurt they get caught from behind that that one long running at him. The evidence in a solid game -- a home game after the win over time we did did okay you didn't really great -- long ones but yeah. Bush and members of his game. That's developments -- -- I -- leaving tennis fans if it doesn't really matter with the quarterback is that we'll from the chiefs' perspective on defense. Is that the main guys going to be kind of bird dug in there -- You know you may have a lineman Garrett Johnson the best linebacker and I feel that we do and a lot of that. You know Tom always wrote in my memories with little -- I was the guy -- -- when did you pass that will be the guy that I. So here's a story about. -- and when you look at it from. When the Chiefs have the ball Lambeau is pretty much the total package as a receiver you don't really hear him and talking elite receivers you can talk about at the Calvin Johnson's -- about the Andrei. Johnson -- guys like that. -- -- both of them home and close up the second most cities. -- -- is just to Calvin in in the league the last two years that he's he's right up there and as the match went on the Calvin Johnson on the Johnson level FitzGerald level he's. Just landed probably the next cut right there so Larry FitzGerald this that's that's why -- that's it just brings a Taylor forgot about it forget it. About a he's he's ever -- -- -- guy that match or is it just depend -- That's never rat holes last week on the left cornerback on the the other left sides where the line and -- -- if you realize it was a little bit of a new world over the raider defense and maybe I visited Stanford revolve around the -- isn't that a lot a lot of things last week defensively that we haven't seen him. The wrong time. And speaking of that the last few weeks you came -- just thinks that. Felt so our viewers -- users exactly what the Raiders are doing with the blitz because this is a team that traditionally. How Davis did not like to blitz nobody wanted to. Front four front seven pressure -- and dominate your man. Now I got a lot of blitzing and it's it's -- to -- targets in when He and have blitzes per game the last two weeks and was eight and a half the first four weeks -- the fans. The only difference in the first for the last two is. When you guys went out back and Allen's pretty heavily involved in the defense levels that. So his do you get a sense that a lot of guys that clock -- Lincoln an assailant before but they're there. Enjoying -- at the freedom they like the Mike Mitchell says that's gonna little exhausting sometimes if you do it all game long but for the most part they're enjoying it they're like game and they don't like even know they thought they were a little -- -- last few years when they -- here -- offense is new with the Raiders are always gonna do and this is a little bit of in Mike Mitchell within him. Colt McCoy went up and after the games -- -- with -- always thrown some glimpses of the few guys threw us off in nine games. That part of it off and glass in other matches that it's kind of different out there kind of thing but we. Got the coach Haley on the phone this week you talked about. This story that the only interaction you really had with Al Davis I was to come by and Al Davis call them over say hey let me look at your hat -- -- -- New York Jets -- looked at it. Pulled it around -- around the outside inside and gave it back to a never has any mine can still -- -- about adjusting -- that story without Davis do and that's it enough that you don't remember that you know. Because -- still haunted by it and about it blowing him off the distracted by -- do you spend an extra minute. Thinking about that had story and you can pick it back into the difference. Okay well again thank you work for life and it at this week's matchup to watch Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs at the coliseum enjoy the game all the guests. I thought we get isn't just about Josh here -- dusty about AP. And He would get a CSN. Thanks again but I NN CSN California dot com.

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    games. That part of it off and glass in other matches that it's kind of different out there kind of thing but we. Got the coach Haley on the phone this week you talked about. This story that the only interaction you really had with Al Davis I was to come