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1.23: Tom Cable at the Senior Bowl



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  2. Dallas Cowboys2:35
  3. Mike Singletary0:33
  4. Mike Goodson0:08, 2:22
  5. Darren McFadden2:14
  6. Terrell Davis2:49
  7. Tom Cable0:29
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  10. neck injury2:24
Thu, 9 Aug 2012|

The pads came off Wednesday but the intensity remained as the Raiders prepare for Monday's match up with the Cowboys.


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It wasn't helmet to helmet but shoulder to helmet hit that landed raider running back Mike Goodson on a Gurney Tuesday. Goodson is fine though coach Dennis Allen has not even ruled him out for Monday's exhibition opener against Dallas Goodson. Obviously didn't practice Wednesday though as -- Scott tells us it. Would have been eight relatively safe and ever. You know over the years we've seen NFL coaches and play a variety of tactics to keep camp fresh Tom Cable used to start to camp with a series of walk throughs. On the other side of the coin you have Mike Singletary that he was a badge of honor to run the nutcracker drill but now. A very straight forward move by Alan. And obviously they they they appreciated when you. Cut back a little bit on him and given the chance there to recover -- and they get the day off tomorrow also. They'll have a full day off tomorrow really recover. And while it wasn't a day off by any means the players don't mind a day without hitting every now and again in the middle camp. Well there's one exception. I was message board. He has. A problem and seeing him open live you know guys yeah. Great call -- home. As for what the coaches do on a player's day off working. At that at the no Eagles little bit of time in the morning get a little get a little rest for ourselves and and get our minds right. But we'll spend most of the day. Whether it be talking about personnel. Talking about the schedule with the upcoming games. No different playtime scenarios. And so there's a lot of things behind the scenes -- will be doing. On players -- Sell a little time for rest and recovery the Raiders have Thursday off and return to practice here than at the Marriott on Friday. Start getting ready for pre season game number one that's Monday Night Football Cowboys. Visiting the coliseum with the Raiders in Napa Comcast sports net I'm -- death. Other Raiders and Cowboys will be the last teams to kick off the NFL pre season Monday night. In Oakland games with the Cardinals Lions and Seahawks roundup. Oakland schedule insider Paul Gutierrez now on a running back expected to be eight. Busy guy. While the Raiders -- essentially keeping Darren McFadden under bubble wrap for the exhibition season. Taiwan Jones is still nursing a hamstring issue that has kept him out of practice all week long and Mike Goodson is still recovering from that scary looking neck injury endured on Tuesday at practice. The bulk of the running back carries figures to go to a fourth string running back. Guy from Fresno state who has had all four games experience in the NFL now is two years ago with the Dallas Cowboys. -- Miller should be of -- tired man at the end of Monday night's exhibition opener according to coach Dennis Allen. -- -- Miller for his part though he says he patterns his game after another former -- used to give the Raiders fits. Terrell Davis. Now one CSN Bay Area dot com Paul G on why blackouts of greater whole game should continue. Should be a thing of the.

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