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8.11: 49ers Training Camp- Tony Wragge, RAW



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Mon, 29 Aug 2011|

Wragge says the O Line simply needs to get back to work and make the necessary corrections.


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Offensive line obviously it's -- a lot of scrutiny you know toward -- last game and really -- the -- pre season what's the what's the -- with you guys right now. Movies just to get back to work. Alignment assignment technique and execution and that's that's who the coaches distressed and who want what went over the finer points of the game. And the just for the most part to make the corrections and perform. So with what's been as as there have been some breakdowns do what is in the mood out there that is their people been sort of like OK you'll get it doing it next time as of any shouting and it allows ousted then. -- know there's that now there's no panic it's it's it's that deal of execution you know we were obviously still going all the offense Europe. Getting revved up for the regular season. And you know things are gonna happen here there enough to line which is our our. Point that once it's happened to us that we try to not repeat it and we just stressed the finer points of the details of execution and the things that happened to us tonight. We learn from what we live through it and move forward and we can't into and on the passed. Out of the quarterbacks. Being with but with regress this whole thing in in my in the huddle afterwards what do what do you hear from Alex and cut and talent. Was encouragement I mean it obviously -- we're a team but you know team team team that's what coach -- ostracism. That's how we perform is an offensive line and -- -- and a team that matters so. Guys there's some where each other. It's our -- enough -- line give Alex in any quarterback the Specter opportunity to. Making throws -- get big plays downfield and we're gonna do that he's -- supporters and we can't so. -- we have won that player something doesn't go the way you want to turn around me make good adamantly and then just stack them. Yeah. Absolutely I mean it's. You know. All you know it's work work work in you know. Most of pats on the back from you guys in that are in the pads and it's just the way it is it's not not a high glory position. -- time. Our job satisfaction as offensive linemen come from our team. And into the game two and -- -- you don't know the game with in the game between offensive and defensive line defensive fronts that when you win that value and have success and that's. Were trying to do every day. -- absolutely absolutely. A half step here. Or half position there. Timing. It's just as important between. Any quarterback a receiver on their timing and their routes. -- connect up as it is offensive line and part.

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