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Allen: 'We still gotta learn how to finish better'



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Sun, 27 Oct 2013|

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We wanted to make sure the fans got their their money's worth. We. You obviously we got off to a to a fast start. You know with our defense have a couple -- start the game I thought the there's a big run for trolls. You know huge play in the game to be able -- often get that type of momentum. In game against a defense that you know there's not a man given up a lot of explosive plays in first started a game that way it was. Was huge film I was pleased with some of the things assault from there he had a couple. Well rushing touchdowns I thought that was good to see. Thought you know. I thought our coaches did a nice job of the heavens and a few little wrinkles in there are some -- some of the the gadget plays down there in the red zone that they gave us an opportunity to score some touchdowns we had those opportunities down there and and that's what we got to continue to be able to do we got a good score touchdowns when we get in the red zone. When we were better -- doing that today I thought. I thought our defense was outstanding. I thought they were outstanding all game long. You know. A couple of times and got put some tough situations to turn the ball over right before the half. -- which can happen and and in our defense goes right back out there and and stop summoned in. No way they did a great job. They made a lot of plays interception by Tracy Porter was there. It was a huge play in the game. You know Mike Jenkins make any huge play in the game so. I thought those guys did a great job. Things that we got to get better -- came we still got to learn how to finish better. You know you get a team me 21 to three and Ellis and we all lose this is the Pittsburgh Steelers are not throw in the towel they're not gonna give up but. You know when you get that -- believe you gotta you gotta have that killer instinct in game we've got to be able to come out and in and be more effective. In the second half of the football game it's really the second time -- second consecutive home game we started out fast and have been able. To finish your opponent off but. But we made enough plays at the end of the game when the game that's what's the most critical so -- will take a look at the tape we'll make the adjustments that we have to make. It's always better be able make those adjustments and corrections after wins so. Our guys. Should feel good about themselves coaches and players because. Not so we did a great job coming off a -- handled that the right way and I thought our guys were ready to play and that's it that's tribute to. Both those coaches in that locker room and players. Well no I think it's more about execution I mean you you got opportunities to make plays. And we didn't win and make plays we had the opportunities. So. And there wouldn't. They won a ton of possessions in the second half minute they've they've got the ball on the first drive of the second half and I think stayed up about ten minutes of the clock so. You know let that. That's gonna limit your ability to be effective we don't have very many possessions but we got to do a better job. In those clock management type of games listen. It's 21 to three I knew what type thinking this was going to be it was -- -- point we're going to be hard to come by our defense was playing extremely well. I didn't wanna do anything that was gonna give them an opportunity to get back into the game so. We wanted to be able run the ball we wanted to be able get some quick short passes out. But you know. When we call the short pass we got deal completes a short pass we keep the clock run and it and I think. We just got to do a better job of understanding situations managing situations. No not really I mean you know I thought. And that's kind of the way I mean really that's what -- Dobson does in Norman. It makes you be exactly right on every single play and obviously they closed down pretty horrible first -- game and -- able to keep it. We got a big game on that in the end and now. Then there was some other plays in the game where you know they did a better job and defend it but. I don't think he really did a whole lot different systematically to stop it. Well we. We didn't complete the ball we had opportunities complete ball William blocking is good as we needed to block you in second have I mean really not. It's not complicated. It's just you know. Block them. Catch it -- it pretty easy. We're the what not mean anything it was just you know something that we listen we wanted to get into the game -- -- give it to roll a chance to. Didn't flow of the game in give -- some easy plays -- kind of start the game and you know we did a great job making the right read. And then when you actually play you and you read out properly that just gets an explosive play so. I'm glad I was able to run for 93 yards that's. It's pretty fast. Well like when we end up making that decision on none. Saturday morning. You know I mean that's kind of what we've what we end up doing this course of you know. Enamored of the menu plays that you -- you wanna start the game out your openers. -- as as playable but yet I mean it's you know. It's just it's option football you know me and guided Kiernan and he did a good job of that or something that we look at this with this team is. Some of the different looks and didn't make it more difficult.

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