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9.18: DAL/SF postgame -- Tramaine Brock



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Sun, 20 Oct 2013|

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May practice his third interception and this season and it's not just -- this -- that is able to do against players. They're so tall and Summers are how you use out leveraging your athleticism and you go up against his receivers are a few inches higher than you. I just. But much they need to lose much speed in accordance. It is the first interception that Jake Locker is round you play receiver you actually read his eyes a little bit he can obviously with the deep ball that right sideline to -- -- of the quarterback. In his there's a drop of possibly up then let's go to the -- him. Neon name Roger laughing because Carlos Rogers is crazy critiquing his interview skills as well. -- -- How would you critique prose writers performance tonight. Really a lot to us. I can't critique you know he's he's a veteran so those things -- learn a lot of notes of. Not so much our team defense came into this game alliance and the fewest passing yards in NFL what is this DB unit doing so well right now how you are clicking. I was just playing together let you know we just communicate this to this revenues. We just go to them playing together and just. Go without -- -- to do. But it's tough though because you help us this team to just three points than a big. The big play to 66 yards as an exercise is -- hard for the defense -- shut -- you -- big plays are gonna happen. And -- -- -- play an NFL team so everything over to my air play we know that we got to come here play. So that's without folks come out here on its away game of this but simply physical Smart. People see you play the way -- playing now they say you're in the zone last night I promise you can't say I. Do you feel like your -- in his -- right now either in this clicking -- -- yes. We have more coaches this keeps telling me to stay focused and just play our play and do my sons and do my -- what's -- -- so that's that's my focus and inning thanks so much that kind of money and I think it is thank.

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  2. now. Nnamdi Asomugha finds himself healthy and on the inactive list and with an uncertain future with the 49ers. Jermaine Brock the third quarterback who replaced awesome like that his third interception in four games as that team's nickel back. Also

  3. May practice his third interception and this season and it's not just this that is able to do against players. They're so tall and Summers are how you use out leveraging your athleticism and you go up against his receivers are a few inches higher than you. I just. But much they need to lose much

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    NASHVILLE, Tenn. โ€“ Tramaine Brock strengthened his grasp on the 49ers' No. 3 cornerback job. And ..... Tennessee Titans on Sunday. In fact, it was four games ago that Brock took over for veteran Nnamdi Asomugha as the 49ers' third cornerback

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  6. position but through five games they showed very good depth at that spot. Behind starters Carlos Rogers and Rob Brown is to remain Brock . The reigning NFC defensive player of the week that he took the job held by veteran on the Asomugha also walked probably will

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    Tramaine Brock , who coach Jim Harbaugh suggested this week will remain as the 49ers' No. 3 cornerback even after veteran Nnamdi Asomugha returns from a knee injury, was named NFC Defensive Player of the Week, the NFL announced Wednesday morning.

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    Wed, 9 Oct 2013

    Tramaine Brock set the tone for the 49ers' win over Houston with a pick-six on the opening series of the game.

  9. if you play like that you'll continue to play and charming Brock has been playing. Like that he had a very good game against ..... touchdown. And another pass broken up so right now Jermaine Brock is in that role as a number three cornerback. And veteran Nnamdi

  10. tell you guys is a good also native broke don't fix. Get the ball to Frank Gore for all also if you're gonna have to man Brock picked it off a couple times a game. I like the 49ers chances and we need more quarterbacks in this league like Mets won it

  11. This is Matt following the 49ers 3043 victory over the Houston Texans with your three and out for the day. Well 2011 to remain Brock started the season as a number three cornerback he got injured and then lost job because Chris Colbert stepped in and played

  12. starters on defense attorney about turning Brock Michael will wait and Tony any. Yeah you ..... Colbert played so well. Now to remain Brock is leaving no room for Nnamdi Asomugha ..... lineup and back up stepping up turning Brock act. was 49ers leading receiver of of

  13. It was coming around. Him like and we didn't I think that is that they the way it was supposed you have to file it and college route. Sought to do my job do my in the ball game. They report it is luck. So much on him. within this baby boom that's what our defense. As a reliever who's probable

  14. had you know Knowles turnovers and should now. When the top offices of the national football they had goes up there. Mean Brock with two interceptions as the third down right the first drive of the Texas it's something that prepared as as secondary to

  15. Al brown Natalie had his second fumble recovery of the season but of his career agree stripped by Donte held up by air green just his defense in the secondary being able to do that. Against this team just play and how high you were able to do that as a team. Got Salmonella on the ball I think any

  16. harbaugh on brock personality, eric reid progress, identity stuff, colin managing the game, gore ankle

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    SANTA CLARA โ€“ Cornerback Tramaine Brock has the hot hand. Veteran Nnamdi Asomugha, inactive for the ..... 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh intimated on Monday. Harbaugh said Brock has earned the right to remain as the team's No. 3 cornerback

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    SAN FRANCISCO โ€“ Tramaine Brock lost his job as the 49ers' third cornerback ..... Culliver played well in his absence. Now, Brock has gotten his chance to get back into ..... full advantage of the opportunity. Brock intercepted Houston Texans quarterback

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    Tramaine Brock is the 49ers' new No. 3 cornerback. His first assignment come against who Vic Fangio expects to be the Texans' first Hall of Famer.

  20. I think that's getting a lot better making great progress and I think the chances are better than 5050 but we don't know for sure Maria. at number three more back. Everything equal everybody being healthy. I'm not yet but right now I still think he'll be rocked this week. Yet you did a nice job