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12.9: 49ers Practice -- Travis LaBoy



  1. Parys Haralson3:36
  2. Travis LaBoy2:43
  3. Manny Lawson3:49
  4. Ahmad Brooks3:46
  5. Alex Smith0:57, 1:54
  6. Vincent Jackson3:30
  7. Brian Westbrook2:18
  8. 49ers0:16, 2:41
  9. Patrick Willis2:51
  10. Sam Bradford2:54
Wed, 22 Dec 2010|

With only two games remaining Matt and Mindi discuss who will take the snaps for the 49ers on Sunday.


Machine Generated Transcript

This is the latest episode of that and maybe every week. We go to someplace near the -- practice facility today. Brings us to -- goes again it. Yeah a repeat performance and that they have to go with easy sometimes it's quick -- so the 49ers this week. They started -- the week Mike Singletary less. Some questions drama who's going to be the starting quarterback. I'm thinking with two games left to right this season if there's any sort out your quarterback is your team probably is an -- -- today. Yeah I think singletary left in doubt the quarterback will be -- that China was going to be I just don't wanna telling them. It's going to -- me like if it isn't clear to everybody who your starting quarterback is at this point in the season. Then you got some pretty big problems yeah absolutely man I have I think both Smith. Have their strengths and did his thing. When it comes to the Rams are nearly interchangeable and we found something that I thought was pretty interest Uga -- -- sounds of the Alex Smith last year against Saint -- seventeen of 28. For sixty point seven completion percentage. One touchdown no interceptions and sacked three times and I think they're already they're you've got -- but the numbers right you know later in progress of getting there there are a fumble not lost Trace and how crazy is this against the Rams this year's seventeen of 28. Sixty point seven completion percentage of touchdown no interceptions sacked five times. And he fumbled it -- amazing so I mean it's just -- -- we'll have these two have been. Just. Now and I think Mike Singletary will have a short leash in this game so let's talk about. What does Alex bring to the table Detroit doesn't and vice Versa we'll -- Alex last year outlets start him he played in sainthood. In that -- and has held out of he'd had a very successful game with 73 yard he's got a real slow start. He dead absolutely bet that when the year is -- smart guy and he knows the entire playbook. -- and I don't think problem in San Diego was Alex Smith badly is that team plane. He did a fairly good job he's not the answer is you like to say but he's also not problem now. And with Troy spent the teams that mean if he was very effective against the Rams this season. Getting the ball on the field but his game is predicated so much on play action and having a run threat behind him and now with Frank -- And there's just not and Brian Westbrook obviously very good back keys you thank you -- he's done it. Anthony Dixon is a little bit banged up I don't think they had that run threat that will make the Rams linebackers really respect that part of it so. I don't know if you know they might have to -- some mixing and matching but it's now we shall see. And I think that is any problem he's been -- linebackers that can be the bigger issue from 49ers on defense they lose Travis LaBoy they'll probably free man. Outside linebacker rotation haven't injured. Two injured inside linebackers and and he has bike for Patrick Willis and you have to get after Sam Bradford and seeing his quick release and he can damage -- secondary again. Here's here's my thing I don't know I'm alone on this but. First much like it's a secondary kids now. I just I think it's a lot more on the outside linebackers not getting past -- opposing quarterback. -- might be alone on this but I don't think we need Clinton is having that -- here I. I think I think he's having a pretty decent years sure he has some shortcomings average man average. But I think he's having a pretty good year. Get real good coverage of this Jackson I don't know how about all of the rule. And -- Vincent Jackson made -- -- -- yeah maybe yeah. But to me it's Parys Haralson hasn't. Produce the way that they would hope that it every down linebacker and he's literally every day on every down outside linebacker. -- -- Ahmad Brooks hasn't. Clashes but no consistency and Manny Lawson you know they use him a lot of first second -- -- -- pretty well that on those situations but they. -- little feature him as much as music maybe. Maybe sort of under utilized it always. You will help obviously having Justin's been married three half sacks against the Rams last year in Saint Louis and obviously he's huge loss thinking of anything more than eighteen wanted to let on. And hopefully he can anchored in the past fashion -- -- talent that again. So I think I think it comes down to forty -- passing game and the forty years pass defense and how they're able to. To fare against the Rams at the dome on Sunday and how short -- singletary is how my house entering I think. Once things.

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