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YSTL: How special is Terrelle Pryor?



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Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

The YSTL panel discusses the ups and downs that come with Terrelle Pryor as your starting quarterback.


Machine Generated Transcript

It's not enough just to be great athlete to play quarterback what do you see from him as a pocket passers who develops honestly. You know better anyone you have to you have to function from within the pocket to have success in this league. Watching him play their -- three weeks or so on the -- he's more than a credible player right now seven games into his career. His greatest ability right now as his running in his athletic ability -- like Mike Vick and -- -- when they first came in week he has to learn to sit in the pocket make throws. He's not very Ackerley accurate consistently. Is the problem he drove the ball behind receivers. He kinda has -- hero syndrome with a lot of good quarterbacks are athletes have to keep plays alive running around in the back field. Sometimes you just gotta throw away throw the ball away live to fight another down I think it's gonna take time we've got to be patient. We have all the physical attributes and just kind of the natural -- And patients with in the pocket this is gonna takes more time. Made a couple of -- slant throws Jude and areas more on Sunday that hideous interception of the Kansas City just don't forget eliminate tied Darren McFadden scored two touchdowns in the game he ran right over -- of hollow on the two yard line score in the wildcat Rory at the throw option I think. And he ran it did -- against this Philadelphia defense which is 31 in the NFL should run these EMC go off on Sunday -- I don't. Think you look normal the majority of the year last week that game he finally look like himself again explosive. He was downhill running guys over playing fast his touchdown run second one we had the pass option. You saw that second year that you haven't really seen from this year knows that the bad hammy. I think the -- especially with -- prior because their defense and then outside linebackers are very athletic. That they're gonna really need to respect Terrelle Pryor -- the keep on the zone read today are going to be some holes for the NC to get off I would see a hundred yard game coming up real bad. It was supposed to be throw faster -- he rolled out administratively in the end zone our biggest matchup to watch the Raiders against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sundays and Jason Hunter. The Raiders base and it against lane Johnson the number four overall pick out of Oklahoma the right tackle the rookie -- Terrelle Pryor is running away from the pressure. Trent Cole and -- -- Well to me it's going to be Jason honor because right now they have a rookie tackle. Blaine Johnson hadn't played that well he's a big time athlete he went top five in the draft but he struggled against power Jason -- it hunter is a physical. Every down defense and and he's not a natural speed rusher he's gonna try to be to win this rank he's gonna come off the edge he should be able to push the pocket back. And as you know better and anyone Jason Tarver that -- they bring a lot of pressure especially from that side.

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