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12.3: Trevor Scott, RAW



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Tue, 9 Aug 2011|

Paul Gutierrez breaks down Paul Bresnahan, the Raiders new, yet old, defensive coordinator and his strategy.


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When it comes to the Raiders and their defense you might see some familiar things from the not so recent past they have a new slash old defensive coordinator and chuck Rezko and Redman was here during the early -- the early part of the decade 2000 if you will. And he's bring in these companies bringing in his own smash mouth style of ball. But everybody knows that the defense is really. Al Davis baby and and they run a lot of things Al Davis likes to run man to man defense you -- athletes likes fast guys when it comes to the Raiders strength on defense is stepping going to be that those front four they're up there with -- Richard Seymour and Tommy Kelly LaMarr Houston Matt Shaughnessy you can see a lot of different things trying to figure out what exactly to do with the are rehabbing Trevor Scott. Played -- elephant linebacker and down as a defensive end and in a lot of sacks and that pass rushing situations so. This to defense of the front for the front seven with those linebackers Rolando McClain. Middle linebacker looking very very strong this year so. A lot of the same things but with a different look and action might look a little bit familiar to them raider fans of the suitable year 2002 I'm going to be here now going in with the Raiders training camp at the end of it. So make sure to follow me on Twitter at CSN. Take -- my FaceBook page at the chairs CSN also. And -- Got some questions going -- in the mean and then in some of them I'll be able to answer lines from here on video and in -- a Twitter handle in there as well. Thanks again to -- it -- CSN California dot com.

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    He's his he's usually is he's looking to make plays downfield and office of one of Italy. I'm I'm producers Noah he's one of the best and in terms of you know buying receivers as far as himself on the abatements are down. We're going to do everything you know defensively. To wanna girl. It was yeah

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    however let's first start with the team established in about this string back to back wins. What happened in achieving that end result. Yeah those are but it has always been about about when especially. Some kind of across you know battle you know we wanted to moment this one. And you know we

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  1. Matt Shaughnessy you can see a lot of different things trying to figure out what exactly to do with the are rehabbing Trevor Scott . Played elephant linebacker and down as a defensive end and in a lot of sacks and that pass rushing situations so

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    vertigo Charlie get the job on the next pitch. So there was one it theoretical Shirley or so. Hard to say. Imagine Trevor Scott and analysts and usually his last start when difference in his stuff today. Tell he was on the play when he missed

  3. You know the thing that surprised me was getting as much of him as it is so that was pretty impressive. You know Trevor Scott before he got hurt. Shaughnessy. Houston I think those three guys hadn't heard of players and or release old horse

  4. Isaac Sopoaga lined up at fullback not 330 pound fullback and when you watched that yesterday what he plowed into to Trevor Scott really he'll open up author hole for Frank Gore to pick up that first down. So when you that the first thing got

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    got a lot of different reasons it's and so it got involved. it is that Obama. It's the same learning process and Trevor Scott You know so and that's not. Even the all those guys are all smart guys it's harder transition. So. He progress

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    makes fans forget about the past. First round pick Orlando McClain is expected to starting week one yeah alongside Trevor Scott . And Cameron dwindling the former Cleveland brown I was. Couldn't pick up field corner I don't know for a lot

  7. Wembley obviously the rookie Rolando McClain a player Trevor Scott . Middle of the year you went in in weeks I don't ..... addressing and we started to with the movie talk about Trevor Scott . Believe me would move more to the weak inside spot

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    here at all I don't look at it like man I wish this or that not I used to do I don't afflicted need to do that. Trevor Scott well still evolving he missed. You mentioned they're not at linebacker he came in yesterday but he's had a look

  9. walk and shoot them upside down and what you. Humans Like that one. Team. We outside correct. If you look. Hey Trevor Scott now as a linebacker or is he still you have to look at your linebacker position you're gonna draft were first. He

  10. better every week Matt better and better every week. Trevor Scott . I think to non do I think most in you know I don ..... know the play of Richard was already talked about. Trevor Scott talked about. Offensively had a fine fine year in

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    I gotta go with but to go with Trevor Scott . Yeah and yeah I think you play ..... stuff behind a line of scrimmage. Trevor Scott to me. DG that the player of the ..... and everyone knows. Judging by Trevor Scott Salmonella and possibly it's

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    this week to go. You know take care of business and they come home shortly. You have some young guys really step up Trevor Scott match a season what does that mean meant to have what does that mean to you guys tag team has some of the B climbing

  13. think you know your room key there development there's a guy on this football team for young guy. Look at him look at Trevor Scott . To me on that side of the ball with those young defensive lineman. I've just seen an incredible amount of development

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    sexson on a ball on the money in those guys were clicking and they in. You know it's on united game we talked to Trevor Scott a few moments ago it's something you guys have been working on is trying to give off that big play and really other

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    it looks like you never have to do more film stuff at Trevor Scott doing the elephant position. the putting the weak side ..... side linebacker spot we'll continue to be manned by Trevor Scott . Exactly and that's the kind of responsible probably

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    t any there's nothing good we can take of this game up linebackers. Did not show up Kirk Morrison. Thomas Howard Trevor Scott played some linebacker defense linebacker they were. what exactly. Awful pursuit just a terrible applaud it and it

  17. should be doing that win the starting left out who goes down we came back and comes in for them. Whoa I do not think Trevor Scott started off well for us you know Trevor came in and you know he's spiritually. Committed did a good job force I think

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    good depth and and we do too with the young guys that developed. Desmond and Shaughnessy. Have given us something Trevor Scott and you know we know a lot about him Jay Richardson so. We're we have the same type of ability to stay fresher children

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    acquiring a dominant defensive lineman. The first dilute the impact that Richard Seymour is second year defensive end Trevor Scott . Seymour will replace Scott as the starting right defensive end if you win Seymour reports to the Raiders. That

  20. fill the void left by the two time pro bowler when you do big things this you know fill those second year defensive end Trevor Scott had five sacks as a rookie. And he said his personal and team goals a lot higher this season. Always double digits