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The keys to stopping Manning in a revenge game



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Tue, 9 Oct 2012|

Former 49er Dennis Brown likens Eli Manning to Troy Aikman, a former 49ers' nemesis.


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-- problem former forty not a defensive lineman Dennis Brown as we get to ready. For the 49ers. And the New York Giants a revenge -- get to that in a minute but first how do you stop Eli Manning one of the hottest quarterbacks in the NFL. You can't let them get. A rhythm going. And you have to shut down the run. You have to get hits on him. You have to give him coverage in -- why you've got to get a disguise a little bit. He's a he's a Smart quarterback -- can still kind of figure that out but you have to keep becoming disguised back to just can't play -- that can't play man. Get to shut down get to shut down that run that's key shut down their run is key and then get in his face you know and hit them quarterbacks to get it. Shutting down the run won't be easy Ahmad Bradshaw rushed for 200 yards the previews weird yes yes and it's is going to be. Defense playing defense. And what the 49ers do best and that's what they do best they stop people. In the run game they shut them down. They can go to past become one dimensional a year ago the New York Giants stop the 49ers from going to the Super Bowl the NFC title game and at candlestick -- Foreigners don't forget that. And no one's gonna forget that I I still have a grudge against Troy me because he beat -- in two NFC this was. Back twenty years ago and I still remember those games those are games that you remember because -- know your whole career your whole season come to this one game in FC championship game. You know and if you can't make it the team that stop you from getting that ring from -- into the Super Bowl you will remember and it's it was a year ago. But I can guarantee you they're going to be -- do you still hate Troy that I I really do that I used to work a good strong word but that's how you feel about that. For Dennis -- on their problem thanks for watching CSN Bay Area dot com.

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