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Raiders-Steelers matchup No. 1: Terrelle Pryor vs. Troy Polamalu

Sat, 26 Oct 2013|

Terrelle Pryor considers himself a better quarterback than a week ago, but is he good enough to keep Troy Polamalu from getting in his head.

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  1. 12.21: 49ers practice -- Vernon Davis

    Davis has strong praise for Troy Polamalu . He is also a stauch supporting of Alex Smith, who thinks can only get better.

  2. YSTL: Reece on Polamalu : 'He's going to be around every play'

    always focuses on on the defense side of the ball is Troy Polamalu I don't know if you sought if you were on the beach ..... highlight films. What he that you see when you see Troy Polamalu and the hair coming across the line. I mean. When

  3. Pryor sees room for improvement, Wisniewski returns to practice

    Now or near Pittsburgh Terrelle Pryor grew up a Steelers fans he city can remember watching Ben Roethlisberger and Troy Polamalu during his senior year high school. But when asked to fuel fills a real playing against his favorite childhood team

  4. 8.6: 49ers training camp -- Donte Whitner

    think here in this mode the they have me as a little boy what Polamalu . Thing for them on the court. You know Buffalo previously ..... complement the. I think is a good compliment sort of Clark and Troy Polamalu . And in Pittsburgh you know you have two different skills

  1. Raiders-Steelers matchup No. 1: Polamalu vs. Pryor


    Sat, 26 Oct 2013

    Coliseum. Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor vs. Steelers SS Troy Polamalu Tale of the tape: Pryor (2): 6-foot-4, 233 pounds, third season, Ohio State Polamalu (43): 5-foot-10, 207 pounds, eleventh season

  2. Right. Injury report. Tom on practice she's now I'm very dry did not practice he's doubtful for the game cool uncle was limited practice he's questionable. Pashos to not practice doubtful. Tracy Porter was fool he's probable. And Watson did not practice he's doubtful Stefan was new fool he's

  3. senior high score some Big Ben and you know that's where he's younger and and Nazis over you know I mean. Watching him Polamalu hunter and earnings in the same thing he's doing right now. You know is watching guys like that so. And then they. Does

  4. 12.16 49ers practice -- Greg Roman


    Fri, 16 Dec 2011

    It tremendous blitzer it seems like he's playing forever. You sold. Only. the level that. Secondary. You know starts Polamalu . You know when premier safeties Look at their corners are playing very. play. Well. That are complete defense. Well coordinated

  5. strong safety more He had more tackles in any other non linebacker in the NFL so He says. I'm gonna fit into that Troy Polamalu type of mold of being closer to line of scrimmage. Creating all kinds of problems for the offense up there. Now the

  6. about the on his keyboard ever on the road though when the Polamalu it was such a good drive it looked like that could have put ..... and catch I'd just give the ball out of my hand and I never Polamalu kind of thought I would just. Who's gonna go on the ground

  7. 9.3: SFG/LAD Pregame- Sergio Romo


    Sat, 4 Sep 2010

    for his ceiling and cut with a little little layering in the back. I mean apparently his there isn't anything to Troy Polamalu Senator Obama of its safety fears is he got a 1000000 dollars since I honest. Mile. And as anyone's once it's

  8. interception on top of his two forced fumbles one of the best games we've seen this year. From a going all the way back to Troy Polamalu low on opening night against the Tennessee Titans we are gonna bring in the man of the I cannot believe is not voted