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Niners Draft Analysis Part 1



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Wed, 22 Sep 2010|

"We've got to go out and do a better job..."


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-- -- -- You have to refer -- -- -- -- execute and of course you can tell they're really good job. Our communication was better this week and wasn't -- -- -- -- -- the Reid gonna report Gurode for a yeah than Seattle storm. -- play well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your disciplinary direction for the door and -- -- particularly in the that the women or girls only played. Tiger do her own historical or throw some American -- And move forward to the murder. -- That week it. Was. To be partly income just the first week I think that our -- -- -- I mean yeah and now. We've put ourselves that -- sort -- with the -- It was. Not person with mark on the American in the pros and so early in the dollar and the line it's running. I think that I think it was -- that. -- it. Slugger who is our partners -- the aggressors there. And goes -- this week and it -- Oriented sort of hand and then that you couldn't beat -- thrashers -- Are we do employers. -- has always been -- on the -- where is your arms both. While you're down marker and working out but we're usually. -- to have -- and there are there and didn't play with the attitude and our churches are pressing. Let them under -- -- -- course around the bunkers that attitude carried over a game here -- there has proved he can hit some of the season. Good -- -- doesn't doesn't learn tomorrow. You know it's exciting when you when your pass in twenty years down here and actually carve out some problems -- an aspirin onto the ball in an extra parking -- -- that you weren't the only thirteen. Dollars can do. And -- and we kind of had. I'm still going to earn myself a part of our coaches and that's where Portland he exclusively rookies -- -- -- -- He's to a lot of different things you get a look for a -- -- -- I think -- Q&A couple but anything if we get accustomed to how. Hopkins woke up looking like that doesn't leave and nobody can. Mean they're they're given a lot of them as you prepare for everything -- -- -- one of the front of the third they were doing the whole game where we're currently being looked at. Good English on certain that you don't know Larsen. And so for us -- Luke you're just on the par on Gurode in the park early retirement security in that. And I also Dave that's an either. By irregardless declaring he's the kind of chemistry and that's indeed the real. -- said before the building Barkley announces that her direction you can't. You're overconfident and can't -- and Perez has not done during that phone numbers -- on. So. You can get over -- Just the right direction ridiculously we didn't hear -- do do -- -- -- you think -- apparently it didn't it happen. Communities goodness. To a conference in little girl in Arlington and other things and working and do anything but ultimately Victorian. Either of these you know your urban you know. You know network morning -- -- harder and harder enough. And he felt like that. Again we can be start to our friends and we weren't -- -- do whatever. With turnovers that really cross examine him interviewed. Cuban. Hannibal and all of those schools -- interception happens. And Hitler and that. It. Hit it. -- to the locker room and they're a little bit and our game plan put. As far as her report from the Atlantic. The country. Going -- -- remarks about her hand and found. And don't stop her. Own. And wanted to do is -- and side Tyson Jackson were there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think -- -- from sudden and doing you know don't don't we do that. -- -- -- -- It was 160. Power -- girl who was. Congress. I hadn't played really in his pointless. And -- party play. Yeah are you brought his all right and part of this brings he's so big and a huge that the American mood well and on. And and also the physical and come around and announcers are or contact them. Hendry and burned over on the -- don't want that it could create our own. -- through another week he's going to be -- -- and arm. We're not quite often a lot of it and there aren't any any of those gaps in -- -- that.

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    The country. Going remarks about her hand and found. And don't stop her. Own. And wanted to do is and side Tyson Jackson were there. Think from sudden and doing you know don't don't we do that. It was 160. Power girl who was. Congress

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  13. It was awfully impressive. Actually have the ones before when he knocked down looked good in. Now is scary because you're probably going to put in a set where he gets blown it out of bounds blues who knows who knows. He's making a big bucks so you can call us out just how lucky. Always the same as

  14. now the Warriors finished off their pre season high low note as the loss to the Portland Trail Blazers 97 before coach Mark Jackson more concerned I'm looking forward though. To the regular season. In getting his guys ready. As a team. Obviously. Tomorrow

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  19. There just because. due process and out of shots just today. We'll continue to get up shots and get treatment and who did towards you know. And being held in home. It's a great question I believe so. We've prepared he worked. Obviously. Coming off a long trip. we're recovering. At the same time I

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