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7.8: Vick to SF's UFL team?



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Thu, 9 Jul 2009|

Coach Dennis Green suggests Michael Vick has paid his debt to society and deserves another chance.


Machine Generated Transcript

Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick is in a holding pattern when it comes to return to the NFL but -- -- newly created you -- now the united football league. I think you have -- will go ahead with the NFL this call -- teams Vegas to New York Orlando and San Francisco that said. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is doing exactly this field position that is within itself and so San Francisco's good health codes eating greens. Believe very strongly that that every -- come deserves a second chance. Would Michael Vick did was wrong very wrong I'm a pet owner mark up on the dog owner and and I can't stand yet the public taking place but. I think that he was great a model. And made that slightly -- mount early I think the NFL as a very tough decision on whether or not they're -- -- the plate this year. I think the National Football League is -- and just say well you know we're not going to come out if you decide to play. And the united football league you have L and then playing in Europe how things go right. You can come back to the NFL next year. Now up for those who forgot his skills Vick is dangers more so with a leg and when his arm. And certainly sort NFL games -- fast for 111000 bout -- -- plus yard detectives rushing numbers seven point three yards a carry and 21 TV therefore. -- answers in the guy who'd just been an agreement.

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