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Kaepernick hitting his stride in last two wins

Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

If you think Vernon Davis' earnings are on the rise, there exists a company that will soon offer you the chance to invest in his stock.

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  1. Miller: 'We're able to mix it up and give defenses different looks'

    francoeur yourself. As a blocking from just standing Vernon Davis and cap for his well what is going on with this offense ..... Have the bye week aside are getting a little break from Vernon Davis what he raced you hard Q I can without incident. Teams

  2. 11.11: Ronnie Lott on Vernon Davis

    think he's doing a good job. Yum Vernon Davis have a great year 42 receptions ..... what you thought when you heard Vernon Davis if he was what are your check and ..... eighties what would you have said Jim Vernon Davis for calling out the Bears like

  3. Vernon Davis : It's all about winning

    Vernon Davis is one receptions a big one for 44 yards and this is the matchup by that you've been waiting for for awhile just to finally get

  4. Vernon Davis tests his Ravens knowledge

    Yeah. You know your opponent would DC's own. Vernon Davis basketball Baltimore in the days you know go about it a little bit question what you read here. Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay

  1. You will soon be able to buy stock in Vernon Davis


    Thu, 31 Oct 2013

    If you think Vernon Davis ' earnings are on the rise, there exists a company that will soon offer you the chance to invest in his stock.

  2. into the local angle obviously Vernon Davis had a career day just in the first ..... gonna kind of drool little bit with Vernon Davis covering him when he's out ..... members here this week. I in a Vernon Davis in the 49ers their opponent the

  3. Yes. Tight ends are. Playing extremely well led. Vernon Davis who is today. A great player. I was asked earlier ..... There was no breakout game I mean that's that's Vernon Davis does he's. The best that is the National Football

  4. football America. 49ers nicely against the Cardinals Vernon Davis emerges as a threat we well Bolden how important is ..... Crabtree comes back and having crumbled then you have Vernon Davis clicking with cap The passing game could become a lot

  5. well. You know there's a good a lot of good. I highlighted one would be the touchdown run by Kendall. Blocked by Vernon Davis Nancy Davis. Where is. Chris textbook that was something really be. He admired and I'm glad it. Didn't it was

  6. the Cardinals came down to two things takeaways and Vernon Davis for the second straight game San insist is defense forced four turnovers. And Vernon Davis had two touchdown receptions and set career high in

  7. falls on me it's been velocity on me and to get. But. Saturday for the 49ers they beat Arizona at home 32 to twenty Vernon Davis a regular season career high. 180 yards receiving on eight catches had a couple of touchdowns. Frank Gore over a hundred

  8. Week 6 Rewind: Davis, 49ers overcome slow offensive start


    Mon, 14 Oct 2013

    The 49ers did not collect a first down on their first four drives of the game Sunday. Then, Vernon Davis and Colin Kaepernick heated up.

  9. on one battles and frankly it's Players seem like Vernon Davis won his one on one battles of the first half a 107 UN ..... the first half. What mismatched in this off and that Vernon Davis and that inspires them. Prizes. And I have friends

  10. things turned. When Davis really got into the next. Vernon Davis showed the kind of all pro type of hiding talent that ..... t he captain have really developed quite a report. Vernon Davis had a 180 yards in total lot dance with eight catches

  11. corners around definitely not many safeties and linebackers. It's special player and we need to become suddenly so as Vernon Davis he's. Yeah you got to deal with that all through training camp. You know Salina man a man with a guy like that all

  12. Instant Replay: 49ers outlast Cardinals to win third in a row


    Sun, 13 Oct 2013

    The defense forced four turnovers, Vernon Davis scored twice, and the 49ers won their third in a row with a 32-20 victory over Arizona.

  13. passes specially the pass he made a Vernon Davis in the second half for the touchdown ..... s not another wide receiver. Vernon Davis has been fine not another wide ..... or Manningham so far this year Vernon Davis missed some time because of an

  14. haven't had Crabtree or so far this year Vernon Davis missed some time because of an injury. How ..... big question marks. The big thing for me is Vernon Davis has to be healthy that long Vernon Davis and lineup they have a chance to beat anyone

  15. 49ers have gotten some production a lot of production in fact from Baldwin. To have some production as well tight end Vernon Davis but they're still looking for number two wide receivers to step up. John all the really get another opportunity and

  16. you look back Michael Crabtree is not there they had injuries at the receiver position. And also you the tight end Vernon Davis at the top of his game right now he's been slowed a little bit so I think that that's come pounding. The issues

  17. until the fourth quarter. That's on calling nick connected on the longest pass of his career with a less than 100%. Vernon Davis . Hamas and cups so anybody hated to see if I hooked in worried about my hamstring that today and so. Did you it

  18. for them coming on their first drive. Only 113 passing yards more than half of them coming on the touchdown pass. To Vernon Davis . But he was efficient young no turnovers that's a heck of a lot more to match up can say that we're in our offense

  19. now that ten. It's up to the Texans it's like a mini bye week and really is and I think the biggest the benefit B Vernon Davis and am also Staley because he's not banged up he is I think the rest is always good and the rest after a win is even

  20. Willis, Vernon Davis will be game-time decisions


    Thu, 26 Sep 2013

    The 49ers won't know if Patrick Willis or Vernon Davis will play against the Rams until pregame warmups. Nnamdi Asomugha is unlikely to play.