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Fri, 1 Feb 2013|

Ahmed Fareed takes you right to the Vince Lombardi trophy.


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We're at the grand opening of the NFL experience here in New Orleans Australian side just a moment this is a way to make a grand entrance were Deuce McAllister former Saints running back. You bring into Vince Lombardi Trophy yes that is the actual trophy will be giving -- the forty niners or the Ravens on Sunday. Hope I make a pass. -- a good job the trophy is made it work inside in the NFL experience -- 150. Thousand square foot complex where they haven't. Drills they have displays and let me tell you about it and why are you sure you can. I'm feeling like we -- again. Did you feel that. -- -- Tonight you'll. Now we know even before you know he had months to find. The ball I don't know if -- -- the NFL players. Like them that far -- loss would give -- forty. The boy from --

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    through it. Let me ask you about your uncle Eddie DeBartolo has he ever told you what it's like to hold up that Vince Lombardi Trophy . I don't know they tell me I had seen him doing that I've seen pictures and I mean you can you can see what

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    weren't. You weren't supposed to do that. And there was very little security guys you get in poses and I at one point Vince Lombardi was out in the middle of the Packers and I went out and Tyson is on him more notable calls and he gladiators. You mind

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    really do I said I've we've got to it disciples and said that was good. Clean hit. One in the woods Jim Harbaugh says Vince Lombardi would would be proud of and his uncles and said I'm proud is is very proud of that early just. And force axis by the

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    Wed, 30 Jan 2013

    Jonathan Goodwin is one of two 49ers to hoist Vince Lombardi 's trophy, and he wants the rest of his team to know what it's like.

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    The Ravens are thinking plenty about winning the NFL's ultimate prize, the Vince Lombardi Trophy . But as they begin preparations to face San Francisco in the Super Bowl next week, they want nothing to do with the actual trophy.

  3. a court this. They all he's out there and better right now. He is stirred things up right now. battle. I'm sure right now. He's hanging out with Vince Lombardi think that I should that they didn't agree with that unit that.

  4. about credentials we don't want to leave the person out because he's Crawford market comic want to book. Think about Vince Lombardi . You would have been a head football coach. Have you been black now. You've qualified. But at the attack that's

  5. congratulations. You talked about the what Derek Fisher said after the third quarter. He seemed to really sort of duo Vince Lombardi speech there and in a group and how you're able to carry this thing over into the next game after. Such an emotional

  6. the great leaders in football. The great coaches and football the people like Paul grown them in the in the people like Vince Lombardi and he comes then. that kind of air about him. Now he may turn out to be a dead. Simply because. He may not have the