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11.25: Wade Phillips



  1. Lorenzo Neal0:14
  2. Willis McGahee1:30
  3. Peyton Manning1:10, 1:25
  4. Chicago Bears2:41
  5. Super Bowl0:49
  6. Denver broncos'3:39
  7. Bill Romanowski0:14
  8. Ed Wade2:20
  9. Norv Turner2:03, 2:56
  10. Raiders0:21, 0:54, 3:12
Tue, 30 Oct 2012|

With the Raiders right back in the mix for a division title, the cast of The Green Room examines the upcoming schedule and Oakland's chances.


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Everybody we are ready again for our green room portion that we do every week get CSN Bay Area dot com Bill Romanowski Lorenzo Neal you coast along with you. -- like they have before what is. And the Raiders were inseparable well all I. I you know he would dancing and what are you gonna win I'm going on the road we're gonna do you're gonna get. Where Speedo use it coming -- right now he's that -- -- that the reason I can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know what's gonna really practice well I was gonna goes right and went down -- I -- you know it will all Wear a Speedo. Dillon got his peak I have been hot read I'll Wear cotton at any way to the Super Bowl were don't im already shown -- so what everyone's excited about it so. Who goal Raiders there was talk in recent -- track this year or pop up and I yeah exactly. That's how we're start in the green room. Contracts okay. See what they gotta get through the NC was if we're going to be where all the fun stuff at the end of the year AFC west is wide open -- is now the Peyton Manning sort of throw balls at Denver's running away and it. -- scares me. -- they really do last last night they played the most complete game they've played this year. The other one thing about them is they haven't had balance this is then Peyton Manning. You know play in them play out throwing the football guess what. Willis McGahee. Got off. Last night they turned around that team really scares me because they've played -- -- to pass rusher -- that can really come off the edge they got to shut down corner. You know that team scares me you know. I'm not worried about. -- Diego. And how much I there's zero -- here at ticket charges because they want. So the sixth and then oh man come on here's a deal is icing and I just loved the song we love this couple things that mean do we talk we talk about leadership. Leadership is given his -- and you look at Norv Turner -- track where he's one of the best offensive coordinators in the NFL bar and a can -- lead this team he has some talent you have one of the best quarterbacks Tony gates Ty did not on what you have I met you have some weapons. I don't think Norv -- can lead that team it's just like a guy did you Ed Wade Phillips not a great head coach to take what he looks silly doing over there in Houston. That quarterback. It's taken a big old dog pound the ball fields Rivers he'd dump but it. Then they dump a body dumped it. Four time. Against the Broncos and yes why this record 606. May clearly know by the Bears -- Chicago Bears of the media pluses and anyway yeah. Really old school. Yeah I heard that people you know we saw what he did last year. You know he -- -- he really played poorly last year. That plays creeping in and I agree Norv Turner is not get the job done because they got the talent. They ought to be runaway win this thing right now. You take those receivers and you put those guys in Denver. Give them to give them chasing. You come up employed I mean to be a lot of debris all over so the Raiders are right back in the thick of things in man do we talked about until. That -- Beecham's great receiver too so the Raiders and I think it is still all they gotta do is when you might not be different but if you win the right way and you. You can still get these playoffs right now it's eight games. First wanna win eight is getting Wendy's and then eight -- gonna it's gonna get it eight wins eight to nine wins wins this AFC west know. Not nine wins it for sure -- went to hear your weakest part of the Denver broncos' schedule is now -- and then. The tough part now the week as a -- and it's played the toughest part of their schedule away that's yeah that scares me guys think from watching this and agree room. --

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