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Walter Jones

9.16: 49ers Injury Report



  1. Leroy Hill0:12
  2. Justin Smith0:05
  3. Walter Jones0:21
  4. Pro Bowl0:20
  5. Seahawks0:04, 0:15
  6. Seattle0:11
  7. Mariners0:03
Wed, 16 Sep 2009|

We break down the injuries for the 49ers and the Seahawks entering their Week 2 contest.


Machine Generated Transcript

Here's some other guys who have -- death from the Mariners and Seahawks niners' defensive end Justin Smith didn't practice. Wins they would be injured elbow but he is expected back tomorrow. Seattle linebacker Leroy Hill is out of the six weeks with a groin -- Seahawks wideout TJ -- -- -- sat out practice with back spasms and nine time Pro Bowl left tackle Walter Jones out. With a bum -- but could return this week.