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7.20: Meet Raiders Rookie Walter McFadden



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Fri, 3 Dec 2010|

W. McFadden on his work to bounce back from struggles in the Raiders' recent games.


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Mr. kind of disappointing exit and I'd be active -- thing -- -- against Pittsburgh. -- beneath him the -- and the following week it's almost put too much into what you think we need to fired. Yeah this solid out -- allows business side that you know I really want to get out there and show. The raider nation you know what I can really do anything and everything that you know are kind of -- not too far here but in no way no excuses for me. How much have to be ready when terrorists gone he's -- injured -- -- last week. I think enjoy it a -- play you know I enjoy being back on the field -- out of in my teammates. And it just having fun -- it's just a big -- his release of the sudden they are you know I just wanna correcting you know get over it hasn't it do you live in this league brother -- a bit. Of course you know seeing the game is over I'd chase misses went out there but around you know he he you know I say I got a great teammates you know. They all be into it -- I'll do you know put names you know put 8000 same positions as they they did it as well. Any learn anymore I think you do it -- -- which veteran more reports first. -- -- they have plays like that you know his first two years which saw us. He say he jumped a couple -- and he got -- don't -- He'll likely just a learning Spanish that you like the same thing if they just got to keep learning keep learning keep her name in. On the smuggling on the do not just keep learning in the every time I get a chance you just me to death of the only the same mistakes over and over. Still wouldn't -- -- -- -- oh courses italics outta my video and -- yeah heck yeah. But does is great to have him on my team and I'm just learn from the pro cornerback in. On just not enough you know staffer route Chris Jackson. I'll just that Willie brown and rule mean all the speed -- coast Washington Kevin Ross. I'll just use these I've got to have body you think you know in the secondary in a rule may know what it feels like to be a winner. And you also know when to feel like you know you didn't have your best game and he noted is a short memory and the -- so is something that you know. Like today is Friday I forgot about that on Monday so you know I I'm I'm not really you know decided to talk about -- now -- is older -- you know so but you know it. It is what it is to have missed just move wanted and as we can just like okay agents of South Carolina is. Now IR Cruz did today and I didn't. That is no additional all retire politely and in no -- we're -- -- but -- -- -- -- -- in the -- the other Arizona. Yeah.

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    lot of club difference. Did you did have more than one. You're nicknames and how to get them. And Auburn came when I first got on Auburn . I was a little wind are you know I listen to them a little so a lot of my teammates call me easy for

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    Yeah. So far in I've been through a lot of deep as coordinated. And by having them hit me you know with let me get this right here to learn the fasten. Alone in the you know by and Jeremy and roommate we spend together. Kind of trying to do it again in the you know fifteen. Right now. Later homer

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    W. McFadden on his work to bounce back from struggles in the Raiders' recent games.

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    throws Jude and areas more on Sunday that hideous interception of the Kansas City just don't forget eliminate tied Darren McFadden scored two touchdowns in the game he ran right over of hollow on the two yard line score in the wildcat Rory at the throw option

  2. to get renewed yards per carry that generally means Darren McFadden is gonna run up the middle. Now the Philadelphia Eagles have ..... Bennie Logan into that middle spot now that's where Darren McFadden likes to make his but. In recent weeks he hasn't done very

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  4. 2118 win over the Steelers without record breaking 93 yard touchdown run the longest by a quarterback in NFL history. Darren McFadden added two guards rushing for 73 yards. And the Raiders defense sacked big event five times picked him off twice. Meanwhile

  5. Of those great big you know and you know about we feel the you know got a couple guys Vegas and at itself we had to come iron to division classes. have confidence paprika and you have 11 down and he does that trouble moving the ball that. And as a person really did help from the doesn't with the

  6. ought to have a good offensive line say about his defense and the first half just giving up ten points especially if it's U Auburn game. Relentless that's really bought in this week coming down here. I'm a long trip that's really focused don't they

  7. due to injury or ineffectiveness Raiders running back Darren McFadden has only been over 52 yards once this entire season. And that ..... against the moribund Jacksonville Jaguars but I talked to Darren McFadden on Friday. And he believes that Sunday's game against the

  8. You see some opportunities and against defense pretty good backs and kind of gotten on an opportunity isn't known his regular out gonorrhea are up because you know what the season either wanna go out there and try and now you know just things and make plays against it seems like he's been and

  9. Why. Being healthy. I will play Oklahoma do. Gotta win now like enough progress in positions where it's okay. Just cares he would give up move around the I'm just. Worked hard you can. On the same page business. It's great to me Did they a great job. To be fairly well. Think it. Okay. We want to

  10. Why. Being healthy. I will play Oklahoma department and I'd got to win now like movie and now. We're blessed to be in positions where it's OK come on answer the question.

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    Darren McFadden has had lackluster numbers due to either injury or ineffectiveness. Neither has helped what he hoped to be a resurgent season.

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    Darren McFadden wasn't at full strength against K.C., but after the bye week, Dennis Allen likes what he sees from the Raiders' feature back.

  13. Combine week did provide enough time to get all steamed up Raiders healthy as key members of the offensive line we're still missing Monday. But just surprised Dennis Allen played poorly on that topic. Won't do anything to address injuries right now. But. It's could be back. This be the back to work

  14. bill when you look at this team and see that line call. Decimated they are in the running game and not have been you know. McFadden had a 100%. They've been struggling and but the good thing about it they've been fighting they're still been very very

  15. team's leading rusher that's not good when you had Darren McFadden Rashad Jennings and Marcel Reece. Already the ball nearly ..... amount of time that prior season. And also because Darren McFadden while he is averaging. I'd just about four yards per carry

  16. s just again unless you're handing in the football which there's some ties to we're kind of we would like. Darren McFadden we got to make sure that he's getting the ball enough touches. And with Marcel little we're a little bit changed a little

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    The Raiders will have a full complement of running backs against the Chiefs, despite Darren McFadden being listed as questionable.

  18. playing status of running back Darren McFadden who was officially listed as questionable ..... report. Now after talking to Darren McFadden . After Friday's practice we don ..... it in a limited capacity now. Darren McFadden also the week before that it might be

  19. You can bringing home was and try to make decision no sun comes make a decision on. What do the coaches in the times like this have you actually. First place person there. By having that left a pretty You know pretty look for the you know. But those difficult times that made it you know. to around

  20. Confidence series with a few games that consistency I think he stressed over room with him. His personality at least outwardly. Does not play a lot of receivers and see what he's kind of and it's caused me you know I want the ball really do isn't there. As part of the trip with you didn't