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Yamon Figurs

9.13: Yamon Figurs, RAW


  1. Atlanta0:37
Mon, 13 Sep 2010|

"We were putting ourselves in bad situations..."


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It was all well definitely looking at myself with -- of that situation so well the car. So -- and. Opening -- he -- Talent to. He's concerned. But the most important thing for the team today. -- almost went -- for us the go go in the classroom -- them and learn from being dominate the same mistakes that makes me so you know we've had him going and offered him cover -- mistakes. Do you feel. There is and into the hole with Atlanta that night but if -- I would of this -- of the hope of the team and so -- Discipline. It's doctor. I was required by you know him you know -- -- regularly but today coming. You -- him Iverson coming. Here's a look at factors -- Work habits of leadership what is what is ultimately everything in my eyes and I.

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    Out. In the it was a here to do both of them just opened oranges. Just come and work hard but that's a gold covering this have to do about When you're in Baltimore you. Never that moment it thing again doubtful. It more. All. Building. Article. About like about it and I was lucky. A lot of guys