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Fri, 1 Apr 2011|

Steve Moskowitz and Mark Purdy talk about Barry Bonds' trial on Chronicle Live.


Machine Generated Transcript

Do you and export to the law park Bernie's been the Barry Bonds' trial for the duration the entire two weeks we and Steve mass suicide last week every day this week there. I'm not visited with you we've had a lot of people. Testified very intriguing Kimberly -- Giambi boys Marvin Bernard -- Randy Velarde Mike Murphy the current giant clubhouse -- Stan Conte the dodger trainer Steve Hoskins. -- A week for me if you Kristi. It's been a great week for Barry. All the prosecution witnesses with one exception and I really hope Barry's case the one exception. Is Kathy. If you believe her when she says I saw grade she'd been belly button. And that would be a problem -- believe that there's a lot of problems with her credibility she got fired. Her brother got fired. Barry went the FBI and so prosecute the brother for stealing from me. You have a tremendous. Problem with credibility here and the jurors have to decide look at look at the case the prosecution. Look at the brother that doctor Doctor King horrible are basically life he said oh hell isn't the stars ducks and we did have that he lied and again that the government doing all this guilt by association let's take a look at Kathy and her brother. Cat -- Kathy Hoskins who the brother of Stevie Hoskins so we got to clarify that a little bit Greg is obviously Greg Anderson she testified today that she saw. Greg Anderson inject Barry Bonds with something. In 2002 will get and a doctor king's testimony today which really hurt the prosecution baddeley mark but. Just hit it that very fact is true no matter what -- -- Kircus Boggs. In his statement back to the grand jury said no one is ever injected him but a position. -- are inject him with anything. I think any sort of I don't watch and that's arrange it could be in my pocket -- anybody does that matter that. Word would she we would say and I've been perjured himself if we believe Eddie House has to be true and what's incredible today I was a little. Your arms in the courtroom when she was testifying and you're right that is what she said she was in. -- actually -- packing a suitcase for bonds on a road trip happened to be in his bedroom packing a suitcase. Also and Greg Anderson shows up they're kind of milling around and down all the cylinders is just go ahead and do it. -- version of it. And and -- -- so be -- and supposedly Anderson jabbed him in the stomach with a -- now. But what was more important to me was what was said before and after she said that. This is a drive and watch an injury real close I'm not a lawyer not a jury consultant but -- eight women on that jury. And it seems to me there they were really listening to Kathy Hoskins today and before she told the story of all that. She was telling the story about -- so I met Barry I asked him to the Sadie Hawkins dance occur among high school -- our families are friends. I started working for because he I thought I could get a better closeness and while she's telling stories -- at the table kind of laughed and chuckling like yeah I remember these old times I remember these old times to -- tells the jury. Well these people don't know each other friends and so forth at it -- built up to me that maybe their mindset that like well then maybe he would trust her to have camps you know see him get jabbed in the stomach with a needle -- I thought she was very credible especially when she ended up kind of -- her own brother anyway. That I that the prosecutor asked did you really wanna be here has known as I got thrown under the bus on the site into a run of the FAR for anything very was saying this the FBI. Steve -- in this the FBR I got caught in the middle and she's just started crying. And in the front row period bonds' mom is sitting there and she's starting to get emotional because these are two families that used to be close another fallen apart. If I'm sitting on that jury I -- impacted somewhat emotionally by what I saw I don't know how. I would be too but the problem is who's stronger her feelings about her brother and herself member Barry try to have her brother. Put in jail for a prosecuted not to mention firing the vote so. Again you have revenge factor there. If you are sitting on a jury now remember as a juror if you're aware and it used to you know it's -- likely -- not make it happen and it didn't just gonna say he had to let Barry walk. Are you gonna send -- they don't they're -- prison on that at -- or juror I. Could do well first of all he's not gonna go to prison you know that it's gonna every other. The defendant in this in this Balco case who has it who has been found guilty. Has he received like home maybe maybe. Thirty days home confinement a finer anything. I don't think he's gonna go to prison I don't know what's in the mindset of the jury but yes you're you're looking at it and it's but it's not just look at the cost and says either -- been there every day. And there's been this other circumstantial it's testimony about that from -- all these people you mentioned. You know we saw Greg Anderson Barry Bonds going -- together a lot and they would come out and -- Gregg would have as little bag -- right it's all circumstantial. But if if that's play manager is mine in the calf becomes an today and says and I saw him give the needle in the stomach. I think that you know that might happen that they're they're gonna say that we believe. If they do -- cooking can get convicted. On one of the council and are you look you look at other things to again and he testified. But is there a chance that maybe he didn't remember something that's something else we have to excuse or even if you did that. If you said -- -- if you testify that today is Christmas Day and you think it is -- mistake it. You've not commit perjury and again did the offense is gonna have to figure out a way. If it's true to bring it up without putting Barrett and Stan yeah well I don't think -- put him on the stand on I -- -- injection. Alleged lie is the only one they really have a chance to maybe get -- -- Barry takes to stay in this scenario Doctor King today I was called up by the prosecution by the government and a he kind of turned on -- became a hostile witness how how did that play in front of the unit that turn on he told the truth -- -- -- but -- -- Yeah basically that happened yet what actually going to be fighting with. The defense over that because of the -- said hey. You didn't give his thanks global current information yielding -- and wrongdoing and the judge is going to hear emotions from the -- and the prosecution as to. Should they be sanctioned that's a big deal but getting back to what you asked me what we have here is the doctors saying hey. I never had those conversations with the business partner he just essentially called them a big. Liar and you talk about guilt by association was -- the government is trying to bring down Barry look look at look at the -- and look how that business partner lied. And -- -- is always testimony got blown away right out and show real. Problem well look at that. But administering and then -- they -- Kathy got down apparently Steve Hoskins initially Toby FBI got. Cathy she got soft target shooter you know shot in the stomach many times and when -- came in initially initially beckoned when her was 0506. And they asked about that she says. No I never saw him get shot -- some get chewed up once or someone rooms and -- -- so to me she was telling to me juice all the trees from the start we'll see work Karros. What does this say. C -- Tuesday Monday Tuesday prosecution I think another thing. They might not only seen what the offense puts up but it's moving along were very quickly a lot quicker than they originally estimated.

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