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Scott's resilience shines in Masters championship



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Fri, 14 Jun 2013|

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I think we have a an exact feel for yet. What what we're gonna have to do and what we're gonna have to shoot. That the conditions keep changing. And no we haven't -- was. TF and determine yet with that rain and then dry out for a day or two and and among Bulls appear. Golf is better with Tiger Woods Eric Byrnes most of America will be rooting for or against Tiger Woods at the US open I don't know if you are really care -- No matter who we thought he was gonna come on the scene and that was in the tigers' biggest competitor. He fizzled down the stretch. -- he's fizzled as of late. And what what about Rickie Fowler and he dresses a park looks the part everything's great but his game doesn't match his style. I always -- back to what Tiger Woods for me others Adam Scott Keegan Bradley forgive me if I can't get into them -- watch tiger where I'll watch golf we get a week out because of Tiger Woods I'm rooting for. To get his next -- October. Yeah -- again this compares most of I guess he stole my answer I don't really. Tell -- what America is really important perfectly honest with you but -- -- -- take a stab at this. I would say some of them may be contrary to say well maybe it -- a tiger fan but there's so many people that have been crouching tiger and and Sergio Garcia decided as they would he said. They've got -- tiger but as far as whom are they were informed on the right. I left an American three you made a heck of a career. Being quite the contrary and as most of America for or against Tiger Woods I think most of America's against Tom Tolbert hated America. But I'm I think what people wanna see is Tiger Woods win. By having to play great on Sunday against somebody who's right in his kitchen. They wanna see the greatness of Tiger Woods not just Tiger Woods. They wanna see him as close to the acme of his career as he's been since he hit his -- behind. And frankly. I don't know that the conditions will allow him to be a great call for this week -- I don't know they'll allow anybody to be a great golfer but if you're gonna be an opinion. I think they wanna see Tiger Woods wins when challenged on sun burns if Tigers did it on day four you're gonna watch he's not -- -- you're not gonna want. Correct all pay attention mentally because Odyssey and actually told her Raye on Monday we're talking and they're right. Rooting interest.

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  1. Most of America rooting for or against Tiger?

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