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11.8: The Lunch Box -- Episode 14



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  2. John Wall6:11, 10:12
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  4. Jay-Z6:32
  5. Anthony Kim6:29
  6. college football10:29
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Tue, 8 Nov 2011|

In this edition of the Lunch Box, we hit the "We Believe" charity event and catch up with Wizards' guard John Wall.


Machine Generated Transcript

Well welcome back. -- -- of course I'm hopeful that -- back -- -- that he would. We'll it's been a lot. In and that. But don't expect him. We're gonna look we're gonna ruin their lunch happened it was definitely hot in there it half. And had a very own entity being nice and I miss the game and I was there it was I felt if they'll probably have another. I was in San Jose California the battle of the state but then. He had the 2007. Of them to get Craig opens the way. With that needs and -- the -- to reach the tomorrow. And that's what under Craig. Parry to Ralph -- might actually hit it way left it at pac ten. He's definitely. I think at the bat. That if -- -- the fans -- -- a lot in that route right at you know if there LB corps behind me and of course played and they. The better he didn't happen it was awkward spot and -- -- lighten up and we'll take its kinda cool. -- that we believe doubts that he got. Resolution to. Central. Yeah. Otherwise. Good good good. You know. Aren't student. Obama didn't. Do I do these -- And. Nobody knew about. -- -- Yeah you know me. -- I've worked around like really easy playing. Sports and you know. That was -- the party that ran bogey out there you know that is -- it out. And also. Now that you go do that again public man. There was a very masculine. Get out with the former capitals won it easily in the corner. Where you -- One which aren't very well. Come on people and so where do you race. It -- -- it in Rio only come back when pat pat. Down. -- -- That's key roles on. Yes that's right on the PGA needs my job back and I love it but from the way it -- He ate lunch box. We -- in the -- -- -- -- actually what you learned as -- and what a surprise. Laughs that's a anyway if you can -- -- and catch up on line. Saint Gabriel went I'm here with John Wall welcomes your lunch box. Prado and these I -- had an amazing party game that new York at the greenhouse. There was a movie that you gonna cause as they say. Reebok family knows his BC's injury -- them so he's had a bigger brother to me he came out. -- bigger brother in Carmelo Anthony Kim around him the gov. New York Knicks to Jay-Z is he did he came out in Jim Jones and -- ditty came out -- -- they're -- this. They're coming how does that feel having all these people coming out for your birthday. -- -- -- when he receivers get back to his very young central once they got ahead of blessed enough. I don't think god those guys recognized and so remembered him in the Atlantic things do they family. The end of plays but it came out as soon as surprised me and showed up. So you recovered from everything your airplane that's how important is -- three guys during the lockout keep playing. You know he's got to think he's you know you view the injury -- with some of this is we noticed she's not start on our. What -- highs of the best -- in this racing for a -- some reason you don't mind me come here because it is not is about the money you want that -- who played for cadets who dreamed of but odds that the best team in different these guys won't play it doesn't matter who -- normalize joining. I -- is great to get back to those neighborhoods in those whose. That don't have that garnered him they can't pay fifty she's done for watched him processing artists they've -- but benefit dollar five on the from his -- -- This is known birds idiots in here having fun time say having -- time and blamed by the same time you know what I'm not yeah I had my -- in July you know my friend. Right here for training Matta we go out -- don't -- -- had to wait for June and made you need him it's rumored that he had a nickname college. Had a company is when he was I think junkyard dog I was gonna fight back junkyard dog -- because your by the beginning of the hustle a lot of energy guy got every rebound hustle it. Someone I know that I get the most out of my my abilities. Junkyard dog I definitely silent on the court today did amazing so with the lockout. And all that going on how good does it feel to just play ball. To me this is this is as fun as it for me as well -- to do as a -- meeting because you gotta love to do this you can't just be. No substitute taught right I'm glad to play out here -- -- most I'd I'd be -- in Phoenix but I'm here and that it's epidemic is that a player. What do you do right now on the off we'll -- this time too gusty conditions. That's last -- -- healthy I come here in the morning that you might much suited for gold series of -- Marines I mean basically see what she needs. Don't drink the series and that's what have -- you'll be okay. Especially they don't drink in Vegas which is. Had a heart now. Mean we go out. I'm I'm more casual drinker you -- have to -- somebody give me a little bit of fun here in Vegas okay is that they've been working really hard on to play game that he was called the last. And stitches after the question. The last seeing each -- it lasting that we it was a guy Holland. Would you give saint who in my. That's -- -- -- -- -- doing Google and you don't ever okay what is the last BUH. That's an idea I had chicken Southport senior play my game and healthy -- thing -- crash. Wow. You know -- crime. So it could one ask him you know what my summer in new contracts. But aside -- five point three million and I knew -- failed to secure because I don't spin that much -- that made you happy. My little daughter of the things we have built our house as much here. -- okay the last trip. He went on Vegas before Vegas I went to Hawaii interpreted those guys votes are -- -- couple things. That's why the warmest -- as -- seniors after the if he ages my. And -- spot outside my daughter doing things miles. -- really have and I had a really a couple of nights ago irregularly -- think -- my. Them what think you so much I'm so happy I hit Labonte and -- a fantastic job and this -- shared them with. How much box but -- -- John Wall scored 21 years old Corey. -- went -- It will be when you turned that one. That's what's. -- -- the fact that Giants put that out. Alabama college football team the format right exactly yeah. I'll probably -- About football here. But we definitely and it back. -- Baseball career we have I think some goofy. Something well we'll let that happen if say goodbye thanks for that. They would. -- history of course -- of every team yet not yet been there yet dot com did you get. What a -- at the Cubs don't worry because there aren't high on each foot hit the Bay Area dot com backlash from left behind -- Titans CF -- years. I'm just giving you some beef jerky he got a little bit of the Green light future he has against those types luncheon. Much like -- -- don't know what that meant. To go into the vials of pop them up on the faceoff. -- -- -- -- -- on the wall -- it. Couldn't finish over to what is the LP that what I'm very proud to have this artist that's local from the Bay Area her name. Here's hoping east it's hard. And her song is called I'm off so bump that downloaded Google it and always support your local MC DJ's off. It felt happy that. Next time. -- Yeah. I'm hanging on my -- -- -- -- Even announced late in buckets. I keep some things need anything else so let's not like yeah my understanding what's funny yeah and I'm telling no one else would win.

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  14. right just to kinda games get to know you so basically that. Just say it name. Okay. That's OK OK here we Kind US Tom and Kim Kardashian loves to its. That. They describe themselves. There's no one that yeah about the word again. His Oakland. Days

  15. points and not as these you might think with the Warriors do win 105 nights that. We're all watching the the Utah the Lakers Kim you game or were getting warmed up and here's our for our themselves. You know it's that's what's that's what's

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