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6.30: Tiger Woods, RAW- pt 2



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  2. Maria Sharapova3:25
  3. Aaron Hernandez0:34, 1:15
  4. golf course1:25
  5. first degree murder0:55
  6. finish line2:49
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Mon, 1 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

I'm -- find out what's trending Yahoo! Sports go to the website do it each and every day and of course the NBA news is rampant. We'll just all over it Marc Spears is all over it who's going where the Dwight Howard sweepstakes is all right there Yahoo! Sports go there each and every -- end right here Yahoo! Sports talk live. We like to figure out what's true and that's why we go to our girl Melanie tells big lull and -- a week ago that great -- Sarah I'm feeling how much. Cooler now. And does it feel better and I very yes exactly amateurs they reside. All right let's get some speaking of crazy it is Aaron Hernandez situation -- -- last week the Patriots are doing to give back with the jerseys I heard there's some crazy -- going -- there Hernandez jerseys. So his Jersey is selling her ridiculous prices right now on he may in -- just moments ago one of his signed jerseys went for 12100 dollars. On -- and I. Understanding that this guy that's been charged with first degree murder. I really can't imagine why anyone would be too excited to get their hands on his Jersey so it goes from the Patriots saint who'll take it back for free and make it free exchange. To people paying 12100 dollars well. Yeah I was like hey Craig list -- put out and I had that that I invite any and all things Aaron Hernandez related to the people out there that wants this stuff about Blake is that. Is a sign that -- interior Agassi culture but at least I -- all I know. Melanie that I can always go to a golf course and find the gentlemanly part of the skill of the great game. What has gone on with the game of golf now and they're getting crazy it's. So I felt pretty DH Lee hit a bad shot on the twelfth hole at AT&T national on Saturday and he loves you have -- off the bat well series given the given up a little bit of a middle fingered salute club but I. I've got later -- at the -- flipping himself -- -- up up up up up. I don't know about you don't think I've ever put myself Bob I have 90 yeah. Gas -- so people you're facing Brazil don't Cabell takes -- phase of themselves I just put myself off the same amount yes thanks very good days. -- -- more craziness of the world of sports and I mean the world that sort of France or tore all France's -- to college I guess I got a couple of close calls they're in the race already. Yeah bizarre incident so first of all this dog this man lost control of your dog and the dog run out as you can see here. In the middle of it that sort of -- -- And the -- are coming on and the guy tried to get a dog got a couple under control. Luckily just chase them off the other side of the track while running back to the other side of the fouls and they just miss these writers I don't know how I mean this is such a miracle that no one was hurt and that's the writers were Allstate and the dog was -- That was extremely bizarre and then just one day prior to that. But then got stuck under the finish line banner at the sort of rampant. That is what is going on over that. Know how high your buses vs the sign come on people of that sort of drugs -- are -- Villanova they are strange. All the sporting activity seems to be going on. Well overseas across the pond as they like to say Serena losing at Wimbledon and I guess we now have our new tennis big girls -- -- -- Yeah -- -- I was upset in the fourth round at Wimbledon by a lovely lady named Mississippi even Lynn Dickey she's -- -- twenty barriers all the clearly a lovely blonde. Girl and it will probably join the likes of on a critical but Maria Sharapova as. You know the -- had a big girl but yes she's got she's never on the block. Serena was not very happy without saying -- -- -- really had one start to look this is a lovely -- I don't like to cross that barrier I only watch women's sports for the sporting activity not only. I know on what you're allowed Salem and love playing here I am. Miami has a gentleman that I -- purist I just look at their sporting form. Anything else plus CP three got summer sport form that took top 58. It certainly is solely yours that's really challenge your.

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